Conspiracy Talk Archive July 24 2012


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24 Jul 2012 20:08:43
whats ppls thoughts on monatomic gold?
{Ed033's Note - Have you tried consuming white powder gold?

No, have you Ed? Must admit to being curious about it.


{Ed033's Note - I wouldn't buy it because it almost certainly isn't the exact same stuff that was made 1000's of years ago for the high priest/royalty types. The seller might think it's the same stuff but how does anybody know.

Oh yeah i read up about this few months back. intresting, but your never get what they exactly had plus anyone could make a bottle and charge a fortune.

I read a very long but intresting story about monatomic gold im not to sure of his name but he discoverd alot of strange elements surounding this powder if only i could remember names...


Hi there. There is an article on the David Icke website by Reg Presley which tells the story about Monatomic Gold - posted in 2006. Interesting stuff.
Blue Knows.
PS On a totally different note - Is the ultimate goal in the euro meltdown a United Europe??