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24 Jul 2013 21:03:12
Chris Everard made a film on the Diana killing. Lots of interesting info revealed in it

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Took me a few days to get through this but a brilliant documentary and easily the most comprehensive I've seen on the subject. Just don't understand why a failed attempt to kill Camilla could have caused them to switch attention to Diana. Great vid though.


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24 Jul 2013 19:57:52
me and Mrs frankyscouse were seething with the coverage of the royal baby for different reasons, I was peed off watching those mugs cheering and waving flags by the hospital and the palace, then the media force feeding the propaganda to everyone, god I wish I was there to give my opinion if they stuck a camera in front of me, but I had a feeling they would have avoided anyone who were not pro royalist, oh and Mrs frankyscouse missed reuniting families or something so she was giving it both barrels at the telly.

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Quite sad how many people actually cared. had to laugh at the helicopter shots of the hospital on bbc. pathetic. lol

on another note, did anyone else see the latest nasa images of earth and the moon shot from close to saturn? very humbling!



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Whats up lads. I turned this on an nearly got sick I could not believe the amount of people all waiting for them. I couldn give a bollix about the child but the amount of people that do is sick. I watched this on Sky news an they were going to different hospitals one girl (from liverpool) said she read kate was having a baby. so she wanted her baby to be born near the same time as kate an willys baby. how ****ed up is that.

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Yeah that "royal baby" is extremely annoying even here in Ireland heard Cameron saying that this will unify england more like make sure people don't wake up to this rubbish in this world.

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I was amazed at the amount of people that DID NOT hear about the Player stabbed to death an the ref was beheaded. Now that's news to me that should be shown. I live in Ireland an marys pet goat that was kidnapped in the bogs. that's the kinda rubbish we get on are news. YNWA

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It literally was people at the opening of an envelope.

Nothing against them, its always a happy occasion having a kid, but talk about fuss over nothing.

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24 Jul 2013 19:40:48
Anyone interested in the music industry's fascination with the illuminati, check out Mark Dice
Latest one on Miley Cyrus

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Music directly affects the limbic system, in essens u can directly control a person. DIR3CTLY! e.g if u play 2 classical music b4 an old firm derby your fans will act differently than if u played two steps to hell.

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23 Jul 2013 22:44:00
Hey ed I want to ask you about lady diana. Why was she killed? Was she really interested in helping the poor or did she just put on a show?
Also was she part of british monarchy corrupt plans or did she at least know about them?
thanks mate

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{Ed033's Note - My take is this: Princess Diana was from the Spencer family which is part of the Stuart Royal dynasty. Obviously the Queen and Prince Philip are from German Royalty and allegedly, the Queen mother had this idea to increase the legitimacy of her German line being on the English throne by having Prince Charles marry, then have ideally have 1 or 2 male children with Diana's older sister.

The Queen Mother was friends with Diana's grandmother and or mother so it was quite easy to arrange a marriage between Diana's older sister and Charles, except Diana's older sister turned Charles down so Diana was offered it instead.

Obviously, now we know that Charles was never interested in Diana but with Camilla instead so after William and Harry (possibly not Charles' son), Diana was pushed aside and ignored by the Monarchy and Charles pursued Camilla.

After this, Diana then started feeling sorry for herself and was diagnosed with Bulimia nervosa, but after while it appears she planned at some point to get her own back on Charles/the current Monarchy by exposing secrets about Charles/the monarchy that would turn the British public so much against Charles that he would never be King and the next person to ascend to the throne would then be William.

Diana (whether by accident or by her design) gained massive worldwide popularity by performing humanitarian work. She appeared to be genuinely interested in helping the poor/disadvantaged and saw the suffering that land mines around the world were causing, so she decided to use her popularity to try and get land mines banned, which she successfully (temporarily) did.

At the same time there was a rumour that Diana was trying to go out with JFK junior but then he was quickly married off. Then we heard a rumour she was trying to go out with Bill Clinton but that never materialised and the next rumour we heard was that she could be pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed's baby.

Then shortly before her death, she went on t.v. saying some treasonous things about Charles.

So, was she killed by the group that looks after the interests of the monarchy because she:

a) was carrying a muslim baby which could have been seen as a threat to the current Monarchy being possibly 4th inline to the throne

b) had said treasonous things which couldn't go unpunished

c) was just about to expose secrets about Charles/the current monarchy that Diana knew but that couldn't be allowed to be exposed (David Icke said that he spoke to a close friend of Diana's who said Diana was close to exposing secrets about the monarchy that they wouldn't have wanted out in public)


Was Diana killed because she had successfully stopped the sale of land mines and was planning to stop more arms sales which could not be allowed.


Was Diana killed because she was so popular around the world that whatever she said could not be ignored by the mainstream media, so she could potentially prevent/stop any of the elitists/illuminati agendas.

Or was in a tragic car crash that took her life.

Keep digging and u WILL find what u WANT to find.


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{Ed001's Note - despite eye witness reports live at the scene reporting how she was sat up talking to the medics as she was put in the ambulance? Keep digging and open your eyes and you won't make yourself look quite as stupid in the future.....}

Also a white fiat fleeing the scene has never been traced.


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I'm sure she was pregnant with Fayed's baby and the Royals couldn't stand a Muslim/ Asian baby being associated with them. Once the Royals got what they wanted, a couple of kids, Diana was expendable. If Kate is as 'common' as we're told, I fear what her fate will be after she's given birth to a few. Or do her family have links to the Royals?


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{Ed033's Note - I would say that one side of her family is Royalty but the mainstream media only concentrate on the other 'common' side of her family just so the public thinks she's one of us.

Bk from a break, it could be any of those reasons why she was was murdered add in to the mix the influence she could have had over the future king.

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{Ed033's Note - Welcome back frankyscouser

Cheers edd.

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Totally agree with what ed said, Diana was going to marry dodi and was already pregnant. Muslim child 4th in line to a protestant throne. enough said!

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How will it be 4th in line if it was not the charles child? as the throne is from charles bloodline and not dianas I know it would be half brother to the the princes william & harry but that doesn't mean he would be a future king if both harry & william die

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{Ed033's Note - I put "possibly" because I wasn't sure but if hypothetically you're a half brother to the present King, you're at least classed as Royal and a threat but wouldn't you be inline to the throne somewhere? In family relationships, how close is a half brother?

Any kid's Diana had after her divorce wouldn't have been in the line of sucession though. Any that Charles would have had (thank god the moose was too old) would have been, but not any Diana had.

Plenty of reasons though Ed, could have been anyone 1 or even a combo.


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I once read somewhere that the cctv cameras in the tunnel were installed /controlled by the same Israeli company that has the contract for the London underground cctv that coincidentally didn't work on 7/7. Do you know if this is true Ed033?

Oh, and to the poster who thinks this was all an accident I respect your opinion, but did you know the ambulance drove past two hospitals en route to the military hospital.

Also the toxicology reports regarding Henri Paul's alcohol levels have been discredited by more than half a dozen experts. There is also a theory that the Boston Brakes method was used to crash the Merc, just like Michael Hastings recently.


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{Ed033's Note - That was what I heard about the CCTV cameras

Any way you look at it, you can't help but feel sorry for her. I mean, i'm not a royalist or anything like that but Lady Diana was a fantastic public figure

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"The divine right of kings" Whoever is leading the royals is possibly inter dimentional. Phillip and his "reincarnation" comment suggests he has a hatred for humanity, but not your average moody, emo type misanthrope. His words come from a dark and learned place, as a religious man, I believe they are being led and hold dna from the fallen ones/nephillim bloodline. Sorry bout bringing the bible into it, but the dots are joining.

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25 Jul 2013 23:58:18
Sorry, I've not seen this Prince Philip comment what is it

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{Ed033's Note - Allegedly he said something along the lines of, he wanted to reincarnate as a deadly virus and kill billions of people.