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24 Jun 2012 14:48:44
For people who haven't seen it and are interested in sumerians and the annunaki. JK9

Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin

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24 Jun 2012 13:59:05
have you seen this? Giant Detailed Indian Face found on Google Earth, Canada, Millions of years old

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Its nothing when ever we see things such as patterns the brain allways trys to make a face out of it as it is the most familiar thing we see fact

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24 Jun 2012 00:54:58
Just watching JFK again (forget how many times I've watched it), what a cast!
I still there is alot more to it than we will know for a long time of ever.
I heard a theory somewhere that JFK was going to declare the existence of ET's which also contributed to his death along with Marilyn Monroe's as he let it be known to her what he was going to do.
Anybody/Ed think there could be anything to this?
Fascinating episode in history regardless.


{Ed033's Note - JFK was assassinated for multiple reasons. JFK was the last proper US president i.e. was going to do great things for America and the world. But as we've seen, anyone who has the actual power to do great things for the world is "taken out". I have heard this rumour that JFK was going to start ET disclosure at some point and that he used to tell Marilyn Monroe what he was going to do.

John F Kennedy's bodyguards being ordered to stay away from the JFK limousine

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So weird because ive spent the last few days looking at JFK for some reason and so was very happy to catch it tonight as ive never seen it before. the whole thing stinks !! its not even a case of of its a conspiracy anymore, but who did it? cia/fbi, cubans, communists, the mafia, or a combination. from the little i know i say it has to be the cia. just sad cause i agree with ed, he was a man for peace and it is no surprise America went to war in vietnam straight away. always thought a reason for his assassination was wanting to change the way the federal reserve works but now i think it may be even more deeper than that.


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Ed/anyone, who would of controlled the american military at the time as they would of had a major involvement in my opinion? It would of been too high level for the Mafia even though they were probably connected at a lower level.
Alot of people died in the following years in mysterious circumstances connected to the whole episode.
If some of the rumours are true we would be living in a different world today.


{Ed033's Note - it has been speculated that a coup d'etat took place that day on America and not just the assassination of JFK. Only a group at the highest level could order virtually all security away from JFK in Dallas on that day in 1963.

After JFK's death, whichever group took over, decided to economically ruin America and now the only real industry in America is the war industry, which means America needs to be kept in constant wars. This is why you would expect more war after the US presidential election.

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Its obvious because why would the fbi conflascate a video

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Yeah i agree with the above posts. and also very suspcious how most of the people who died claimed they heard gun shots from behind the fence, which the government strongly denies. also ed, wanted to know if what they said in the film is true. in 2039 (i think that was the date), will we be able to see the cia files on the people connected with this or something along those lines? thanks


{Ed033's Note - When they do release any of the files, they could be so heavily blacked out that they are useless anyway.

More on the JFK assassination conspiracy. Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - JFK assassination

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I think simply it was because he was going to let the government print its own dollars backed by silver, and the gangsters that run the fed were never going to let that happen


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Its partly the Fed, its partly Vietnam, its partly Cuba, its partly the mob. The guy upset a heck of a lot of people, who then decided to get rid of him. The top dogs could get the military to pull the security and then use the cia and feds to cover it up. As Donald Sutherland says in the film, it was pure black ops. Not sure who supplied the shooters, the mob or the army, but army guys are easier to trace i guess, so maybe the mob provided shooters who were then bumped off, the mob certainly killed Owald who was a black ops plant.

The whole thing stinks. The film is good because it raises questions, lets you see things you might not have seen before or thought of and raises a few theories, but the original Garrison investigation was very flawed.

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