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24 Jun 2013 22:09:46
So the french police have arrested the brother of French Alps shooting victim Saad al-Hilli's. What do you make of this?

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I am very skeptical about this, if someone with money gets killed plus his family and the next in line to receive the money his brother who he fell out with was always going to draw suspicion, in other words its too bloody obvious, after watching the documentary a few weeks ago I am more confused than ever.

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Fact is, family gunned down in a remote area, only surviving child clearly tortured in front of family based on her injuries, raf cyclist first on scene. this was a government hit all day long!

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24 Jun 2013 21:29:27
The most telling point about the Moon landings concerns the radiation debate. At that time there was no chance they had the protection to pass through the Van Allen belt, every expert confirms this.

One doubter cited the three mile island incident. If it still had enormous readings of radiation and was closed off, remake a suit from the moon landing and go for a walk there. We have to assume whoever did this would be fine. GJ

{Ed033's Note - Marcus Allen presentation on The Moon Landings part 1 of 12

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Can you clarify what you mean by every expert? Searching the web, every 'real' expert states that the radiation wasn't an issue. Aside from the protection offered by the rockets cone, the Van Allen Belt can be cleared in about an hour and the story that it is too radioactive to pass through has been debunked by numerous experts. The initial debate was actually started by a Russian cosmonaut, hardly an unbiased or reliable source. I enjoy a conspiracy as much as anyone but we don't help ourselves by making unsubstationsted statements.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, never say "every 'real' expert states" otherwise it could be translated as an unsubstantiated statement

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24 Jun 2013 20:08:03
Did any of you take the time to watch the Citizen's hearing on disclosure, if so what are your thought's?

p. s I find it strange that in America and Canada it was big news and reported in many major newspapers aswell as managing to get a spot on CNN yet in the UK we hear nothing from the media.


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24 Jun 2013 19:25:58
Just watched the link frankyscouser posted for question time and Melanie Phillips' Zionist should surely raise some alarm bells, i'm sure there are people that wield a lot more power than she does share the same views. I hope more and more people see through the lies and realize Israel are far from the victims. Also I thought it was a fantastic bit of acting by the 'ex army officer' telling the audience our troops are as well equipped as they should be.

always a red

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So what's new? The Zionist lobby has incredible power in every aspect of life. Banking, gold reserves, munitions and oil, it is all to some degree controlled by them.

The news in the USA is manipulated to suit the Zionist agenda. The truth is out there only because they allow it to be. Sadly the UK seems to be adopting the same stance. When the leader of the LABOUR party admits to being a Zionist things start to get worrying. GJ

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David Camerons grandfather was Jewish, which would indicate possibley that he too is Jewish. ? He has never actually come out to confirm either way which way he swings in a religous sentiment. I am not saying he is a Zionist, but who knows?

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24 Jun 2013 16:54:49
ed or even frankyscouser. I ain't the sharpest pencil in the man bag but I believe both u guys say moon landings were faked possibility there is to much radiation?

What i'd like to know is do u think these maned trips to mars will be faked or what's the difference in hardship of going to the moon or Mars other than distance.

On a side note ed we talked about David Icke and how much money he earns. I believe him to be a multi millionaire and you didn't seem to agree. I believe he has earned his money and done well to earn what he has.

My point being my friend a big fan of David pointed me to an interview albeit in the sun and it said he took home after all expenses £300,000 from this tour if this is to be true surly I was right that the man is a multi millionare as he does several a year plus other incomings. good luck to the man I say with all the effort he puts in

red walter

{Ed033's Note - Here's what I actually currently say regarding moon and mars (and I could be wrong and may change my position in the future). The moon videos we were shown and the glossy pictures of the astronauts in the magazines were shot on Earth and if Apollo did get to the moon, it used black technology. Also, there is a secret space program that uses black technology and allegedly goes to the moon and mars and possibly beyond that.

Therefore if there is any reported mainstream media manned missions to Mars, then black technology could get them there assuming the black technology is advanced enough.

I don't know whether David Icke is a millionaire. All I did before is post a video where David Icke says himself that he has no millions of pounds. Possibly he gives money to other people in his family. Below is a video where david icke himself says he hasn't got millions of pounds

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Thanks for the reply ed I will watch the vid tonight as I am currently at work. cheers enjoy your night and keep up the good work.

red walter

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Hey red my position about the moon landings has always been 50/50 with reasons I have mentioned on previous posts, as for icke I have also mentioned that I doubt he is anywhere near being a millionaire, seen him do a interview on this morning and Phillip schofeild asked him the same thing and he said he would swap bank accounts with schofeild anytime, at the minute he is asking for donations or pledges to get a tv show aired.

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25 Jun 2013 01:48:08
Thanks for the reply frankyscouser. I could be wrong maybe the man doesn't want the public to know how much he is making. But anyhow good luck to him he works hard.

Red Walter

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Mate you have to ask yourself this question, if icke was raking in money, the people he is attacking like politicians, the establishment etc would publicize his asserts and basically paint him as a money grabbing fraud who is money motivated and no doubt his money affairs have been hacked by the elite and they know he is clean that it is why there is just innuendo about what he earns.
my take is whatever credit he earns of books/shows etc goes straight back in to more research conferences travel etc to fight the good fight.

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25 Jun 2013 15:32:59
I know that when david icke was touring Canada (10/15 years ago?) he tried to pay for his son's breakfast at Denny's but his credit card was rejected. So IF he's well funded now he wasn't then, or at least not on that particular day. pea

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24 Jun 2013 12:11:39
to me now, since Hillsborough has found out about police corruption, any other high profile case has got certain people worried. hence today the Stephen Lawrence case where a whistle blower has said there was a smear campaign. was it self preservation by the undercover detective in the case? or was it a guilty conscious? who knows but the rats are jumping ship and like Hillsborough and the Guildford four, the Lawrence case has corruption and smear campaign leads higher than the police.

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This is the problem with our system, the people at the top have their fingers in so many pies and protect their members / family to ensure that they never face justice in any way

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24 Jun 2013 07:56:21
anybody seen the paul hellyer vid on youtube? how real is it?

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Yeh we seen it last month mate, I do not think he is telling lies.

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Original poster again- how come its not as widespread through social media sites etc? I think there was only about 10,000 views on youtube, news like this I would have thought would be massive

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