Conspiracy Talk Archive March 24 2013


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24 Mar 2013 19:46:35
The religious axis of evil, Judaism, Christianity and Islam? (not the people, i've met some smashing people from all three )

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24 Mar 2013 12:55:00
just watched a good and touching documentary called the two escobars, one a drug lord pablo and one a footballer andres, pablo buys a club in Columbia with he's drug money and things lead on from there, well worth a watch.

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I read the book 'Killing Pablo' a while back Frank, cracking read, he left his Robin Hood-Esq mark on me

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I watched this on Netflix a while ago. It is one of the most thought provoking documentaries that I have ever seen and makes you wonder about certain football club owners in today's game. Also it proves how much power that Pablo had and how Columbia was actually a safer place with him running the cartels.

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It sounds weird but its true Columbia was less violent when he was running things, another thing when players blame the pressure of a penalty shootout for getting beat think what those columbia's players went threw now that's pressure.

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24 Mar 2013 12:45:19
Hi everyone I recently saw a picture on a social network sit show, a photo from the 1800's. in the photo 1 was of a man that was the double of nicholas cage and the other was a man that the double of john teavolta. It had a little caption saying this is part of the evidence to john travolta and nicholas cage are vampires.

Has anybody else seen this or heard of this?

Im going to do some research later.

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I just looked online the images and they are a spitting image of them, the vampire thing thou? nah, everyone has a lookalike.

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Theres also a picture of someone with a resemblance of keanu reeves, not sure of the spelling but its as good as the nicholas cage one.


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They look too close! However look at the ears on the photo of Cage they don't match at all, although surgery could have a part of that.


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I saw the picture and I thought it was more of a joke than a serious claim to be honest

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Look at John travolta in pulp fiction and look at him nowadays. He has aged. So from 1800 to 1990's he doesn't age 1 bit. But from the 1990's to 2013 he does?! Crazy vampire.


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