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24 Nov 2011 22:48:14
Right Wing - Believable

Left Wing - Unbelievable

just a quick poll out of interest..

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In the mordern game , maybe 433 is better , think i am on the wrong page here lol...........lfc

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I have to admit I am not any wing. I hate the terms left and right wing, especially seeing as apparently what was left wing 20 years ago is now right wing etc. I just say what I feel is right or wrong. Pigeon-holing between forms of one or the other only results in having to suffer the weaknesses of one and the absence of the other party.

How's about 'Good Wing' ? Haha.


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Have to slightly disagree there raz ,20 years ago your average socialist was just that. Today they are regarded as far-left extremists, i get what you mean though. JR

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I like chicken wing. lol
huddz red

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Buffalo wings

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Left wing, right wing whats the difference.

Tony Blair/David Cameron are essentially the same person. Blair conned a generation by selling them an impossible dream you know the expensive house, flash car and the holiday they couldn't really afford. But they didn't realize it was a con until Brown took over. Now Cameron's mob are squeezing any penny the last lot missed.

However its not just this country, the same goes for America Bill Clinton/George Bush, Clinton was considered left wing and he was very convincing at it but in the end he was found out. As for Bush the less said about him the better he was pure evil.

Party politics is nothing more than a distraction to make sure people don't see whats really going on and take a stand, maybe times are changing as more and more grow restless in the present climate.

always a red

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8 pints then Bingo Wings!

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I think I'm a Fascist but also want a revolution and to destroy opression. Hypocrite i know. I am a troubled soul.

A Soul
{Ed033's Note - If its any consolation, the ruling class want people to be confused. They obviously don't want people thinking clearly.}

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Surely a wind-up, A soul = Ass hole ?


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24 Nov 2011 19:51:48
Whatever happened to the Android site?

{Ed033's Note -

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24 Nov 2011 19:16:16
hey edd this gonna seem weird and i am deffo no crackpot but on tuesday night while the mrs was watching eastnders (again)i was looking out the window and could see a light hovering then darting, i told the mrs and my daughter but the thought of missing eastenders was to great for them,well i seen like a blue light shooting away,then i got my phone and took the video of it , i am not saying its a ufo but its deffo not a plane or helicopter,was wondering if you are planning to put up a page to send any pics or videos of ufos?
cheers frankyscouse ps i can send my video to your e mail {Ed001's Note - I will get Ed033 to sort something now mate.}

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Cheers edd. frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - in the meantime, it might be worth posting to youtube and then posting the link here}

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Ok edd will put it on youtube saturday then give you a e mail.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - cheers.}

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It was just one of Andy Carroll's shots! Sorry, I had to ;-)

{Ed033's Note - new talk news site if you haven't seen -

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24 Nov 2011 13:29:27
**Michael Jackson**

I had a idea the other day..did Michael Jackson really die or did the man who played him die? Lets be honest here, he was a dont all of a sudden get better and face the world.

He sits indoors, this little old black guy writing music for the man who plays him to perform.

he gets all the royalties and no one has a clue what he looks like..JUST AN IDEA BUT...YA NEVER KNOW?!?


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Bruce lee, Elvis, Michael jackson all have these stupid theories but their just not feasible

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I have considered that michael jacksons death may also be fake. He owed alot of people a whole lot of money. Did they really think that a farewell tour of an ageing popstar would really make enough cash to pay all he owed?

He was in no fit state to carry out these gigs and lets face it you only got to look at elvis, freddie mercury, tu pac etc to realise that MJ would have earned infinately more money through "death".

Also considering some of the stunts he pulled off before if anyone could pull this off MJ could. At his peak he was larger than life, now could he be larger than death??

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24 Nov 2011 03:19:32
Lets face it, the yanks ARE puppets to a degree purely because Israel are running s**t these days in the US. They have gained the power/control within the US. And tell the puppets in office how to do things.

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They have to pander to israel,securing the massive jewish vote in the usa goes a long way towards re-election.

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24 Nov 2011 07:02:00
Facism -"While i realize the calculated manipulation of the masses goes back way further than ww2............"

In a way then Christianity is a form of emotional facism is it not?

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I think you'll find that is true of ALL religions.

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A fair point, although a lot of the people involved are not aware of this i would think, a bit like the current political system . JR

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True JR, organised religions have been around a very long time and have become rather good at brainwashing people, probably better at it than far right or far left political groups.

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