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24 Nov 2012 22:17:02
ed, did you see those DNA results from the bigfoot DNA sample?
apparently it's a human/unknown ape hybrid that is 15,000 years old (i think)

{Ed033's Note - If people haven't watched it, Lloyd Pye's presentation on his book - Human Origins: Everything You Know Is Wrong is worth watching

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Whats your opinion on the DNA results ed? i always thought Lloyd Pye had the best theory for it all and with the new DNA results it's looking like he is on the right path.

JK92 (forgot to sign off)

{Ed033's Note - It's great, lets now get the Starchild skull totally dna sequenced to show once and for all that the Starchild skull is not human.

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24 Nov 2012 20:42:05
{Ed033's Note - Scott Onstott's Secrets in Plain Site - Patterns in Art, Architecture, Urban Design, & the Cosmos

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