Conspiracy Talk Archive October 24 2013


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24 Oct 2013 21:53:36
hey all, bumped into a video online. Someone predicting 9/11 six months beforehand through the tv series the lone gunmen

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Yeh seen it a few months ago mate, very peculiar.

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24 Oct 2013 21:37:19
Russell Brand - Power, politics, the Earth on BBC
well worth 8 min or so people

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A very intelligent man, I follow him on twitter.

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Unfortunately let himself down with Wossy in the Andrew Sach's grand daughter sketch.

Needs to stop being flippant for most people to listen to what is a very good view.

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24 Oct 2013 20:58:09
Hey guys, first time poster but consistent reader. I read somewhere below about rituals to enter the Illuminati and it made me wonder how do the Freemasons worship the devil? Is it through rituals or something else?

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Not all freemasons worship the devil like not all politicians abuse kids, it is a select few, look at it like a pyramid the tip of the pyramid is where the worship of the occult and power is, the rest are pretty normal people.

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Are they worshiping the devil? I thought these masonic organizations predated semetic religions. They could be worshiping a horned moon deity or something of the sort couldn't they?

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