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24 Sep 2012 21:00:21
haha yes Ed times are hard can't afford a new one. Might start renting her out as a bearded lady...

Nah Prescott, GW Sr & Jr, family fun house indeed...

Its amazing how much influence Prescott Bush had on US politiics and its an influence thats still going on today and the ol buzzard shuffled off in '72!


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24 Sep 2012 20:52:26
No worries Ed tech probs happen, been reading up on family Bush anyway. Mort {Ed001's Note - family bush? Missus lost her razor?}

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24 Sep 2012 20:39:22
Ok Ed1 cheers mate, Mort {Ed001's Note - no worries mate, sorry it has not been working for you.}

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24 Sep 2012 20:14:05

Sorry mate but i'm having trouble replying to posts, none of the relply boxes seems to work.

is this a fault with the sit eor my end would you know?

Mort {Ed001's Note - the issue is with some browsers and the sites not working well together at the moment. That's why an alternative reply button is appearing across the sites.}

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24 Sep 2012 14:33:17
whats everyone's take on getting prosecuted for offensive remarks on twitter and facebook?i found the remarks to the ref and hes wife (mark halsey) absolutely disgusting ,is everyone comfortable with people like that getting a jail sentence? and btw so people think i biased towards liverpool the bellends in the main stand should be banned for life for the gestures towards the man u fans after the game.

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Unfortunately it happens all the time on social network sites, people posting stupid comments, threatening and bullying people etc...most people just use it to vent there anger now, I don't like to admit it but you hear it on that Jeremy Kyle show all the time, you said this on Facebook n you posted things on twitter, it's sad that the world has come to this, but it will continue to happen and if your not a celebrity then you will get away with it mostly

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Yeah them fans should be banned for life, they are a joke and should be ashamed of themselves but people like that think they are hard n funny..... Tossers! I'm a Liverpool fan and was ticked off at the
referee but I don't go on twitter or Facebook to have a go at him! unfortunately That is what Facebook has become, a sad social network site were the angre people have a go at people n try to create drama all the time, the youth of today have nothing better to do! Should you get punished for posting threats and stuff ? Yes you should, maybe not a jail sentence but a hefty juicy fine would shut people up

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I really dont know were i stand on this,i am for free speech ,getting prosecuted and jailed can be manipulated like the Russian girl group that got jailed for insulting putin,fining them might not work as they could be on the dole anyway,maybe doing voluntary work(a bit like community service) on a cancer ward will bring it home to them.

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A girl round my age last week committed suicide over abuse she got on which is a app on facebook !.. RIP :(

Irish Red Jr

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Liverpool fans have to be impeccable in their conduct,we have had a 23 year war & embargo against certain arms of murdochs empire something a meglomaniac of those proportions is unlikely to forgive & forget we have also given certain politicians a political bloody nose & they also will be uncomfortable to say the least at having to backtrack & apologise for their complete lack of indifference & incompetence expect a lot of negative Liverpool related stories over the next couple of years to manipulate popular thinking, the comments reffering to halsley's cancer are unforgivable,we have to show that we are better than that,let's not react or behave as the media wish to portray us lets outhink them it was we are good at......take away your enemies weapons he cannot fight you..tzun shu
Paisley's genius one love & may force be with you

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Very sad what happened that 15 year old girl over here in Irelnad few days back. Some persons were abusing her (anonymously of course.... cowards) about all manner of things on that site. Committed sucide after it all. Poor family


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Freedom of speech only goes so far. I reserve the right to (if I was that was inclined), slam Islam in an Asian neighbourhood - I don't expect to make it out alive, however. Freedom of speech only covers your behind so far, you do NOT have the right to say anything to anyone, and not expect consequences.

One thing, does bother me. People are getting jail terms for insulting people on the internet, whereas thugs who seriously assault innocent people are escpaing any kind of prison sentence.

How does this make any sense?!


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While the "crime" on a social website is so easy to prove as it there for all to see. Most police would tell you they do not want to waste man hours/resources dealing with it but it gets reported so it has to be dealt with.
Hard one for me to know where i would stand on this as I know myself that any flaming on a website is just text, and anyone with any sense can just block/delete/ignore whatever is said. However I also understand not everyone is the same and especially younger people can be extremely affected by things that are said to/about them. Modern society, peer pressure and wanting to 'fit in' are all factors in this so I can understand all sides to the argument on this matter.


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