Conspiracy Talk Archive September 24 2013


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24 Sep 2013 22:45:48
anyone seen the Syrian UFO?

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I've seen some stills of what is alleged to be a dark UFO over Damascus with a fighter crouched next to a wall, then some pixelated, blurry indistinct footage of an 'aircraft' in the distance. That's it. Nothing concrete, nothing tangible.

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24 Sep 2013 17:48:07
{Ed033's Note - The People's TV station that David Icke is starting is going to air, worldwide on November 18th 2013.

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Cheers edd for the info.

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{Ed033's Note - I have responded to your Phil schneider question now

Nice one Franky but lads, do you think it will last. I really hope so, we are crying out for something like this

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In this current climate I doubt it unless like icke said he can get certain sponsors, I am not sure icke sounds like he wants to go down the info wars route selling merchandise but it keeps alex jones on the air, time will tell.

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I'm considering doing £30 P/M but I'm waiting to see what sort of content the station puts out first.

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{Ed033's Note - They may also have to make most of the programs subscriber only at some point and then see if enough people subscribe, when the choice is subscribe or the channel closes.