Conspiracy Talk Archive April 25 2012


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25 Apr 2012 13:57:43
whats everyones thoughts on the current argos advert feature what looks like grey aliens.DORSET RED

Obviously Argos are the illuminati and are trying to symbollically tell us something ;) tbh if its the one im thinking of its just an advert and tbh i just think your taking the piss.


Actually not taking the on this website everyday and iam in to all the conspiracy stuff.i just find that advert strange as if to familiarize people with what the greys look like.DORSET RED

Thats because argos marketing team were sat down by FBI, MI6 and revealed to them the existince of alien life form far from our galaxy and advised them to prepare their customers for contact. My aunt works there and she was told by her CEO. Creepy stuff man.

Never been sure about Argos. Apparently it's got everything in it...........but you can't see it. Oooooh.