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25 Apr 2013 22:45:52
Sunil Tripathi who Boston police initially named as a suspect in the Boston bombings has been found dead. Ryan.

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Many years ago there would be a thought out plan how to assassinate someone that could of leaked vital information now it is done with gay abandon, its like two fingers up to everyone with a brain and saying "you can't do anything"

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Cause of death unknown, I agree Franky but the awful thing is…What can we do?

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He was reported missing a few weeks before the marathon.

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25 Apr 2013 22:09:15
Does anyone have that feeling like something huge is going to happen in the next few years, maybe in the next 10?

Religion collapsing, Changes on the Earth, The Government controlling everything we do, pointless wars, false flag operations just loads of sh@t.

Were even onto our last Pope, in 1310 a man (cant remember who) went into some form of shock and predicted all 112 (i think) popes in latin and he even predicted the new Pope we have now. He said he was to be the last Pope, pretty amazing really. Does that mean soon we will all be awakened and realise that religion or God is completely different to what we have been told.


Geordie Al

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Judging by the last 12 years I would say yes I won't list them all because you all know. I am hoping for a watergate/hillsborough moment were somebody with balls exposes the corruption in the higher escalon of society, or a earthquake that hits capitol hill and downing street.

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I hope it's the last pope, and any other religious leader! Religion slows us down and dumbs us down with ridiculous tripe like creationism! When religion ends the world will be closer to peace!



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If a whistle blower spoke out about something big would the media actually put it out there as its owned by the elite and no doubt whoever it is would be dead before they could. Ahhhhhh were screwed! Unless another life form were to arrive

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That’s just it, there has been a few whistle blowers but they have been made out to be cuckoo/crazy/demented by the media as it doesn’t fit with their schedule. I agree it would take something huge like another form of life coming down, hopefully revealing the truth. Maybe, they have tried to come down but stopped. ala. space wars. just saying.

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I see your point about the media being owned but it could be a editor of a newspaper who one day sez f--- it, to get the ball rolling, that's all it takes, wikileaks proved there are people still around with a conscious.

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Even with UFO sightings on the News. The way they talk about them as if to say and heres the funny part of the news. sum1 thinks they seen flying saucers har har har

Geordie Al

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26 Apr 2013 19:01:42
All the western abrahamic religions are bankrupt. Judaism, christianity and islam all caught in a repetitive cycle of blood all over lies. The only ones worthy of the name of religion are the eastern religions, hinduism, bhuddism etc.

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While some folk keep looking for big things to go down, it goes down every day, this is a chess game guys.
piece by piece.


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25 Apr 2013 16:29:34
Project serpo well worth a listen on coast 2 coast earlier this week.

Matty b

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24 Apr 2013 23:23:33
Hiya eds.
I would like to know how did hiv start?
Do they have a cure for it?
Is it all a money making scheme with treatment and all?

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly, it was created in a lab in America on purpose. If it was created then they should have a cure for it. It has turned into a money making scheme. Here are 3 books on the subject. 1. aids & the doctors of death: an inquiry into the origin of the aids epidemic, 2. queer blood: the secret aids genocide plot and 3. AIDS, the Mystery And the Solution by Alan Cantwell

Dr. Robert Strecker on evidence of hiv/aids being man made - The Strecker Memorandum

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