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25 Aug 2012 20:46:11
Neil Armstrong Dead!

now there must be some good conspiracies about him


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Houston we have a santa claus!!

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25 Aug 2012 14:59:05
if they free up these houses they will only be given to imagrants anyway or people who dont pay into the system anyways this countrys a joke and so are the people that run it...redman matt

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Mate don't blame immigrants blame the greedy property developers who charge per room and dont mind how many people live in a house, immigrants would not come here if there was a proper structure say like Australia.

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Don't blame the immigrants. There are plenty that come over and contribute.
But the government wants the ones that don't contribute to come over here as well. They allow them easy access to benefits, want them to break the law and let them get away with things British people wouldn't get away with on purpose.
Because it breeds hatred, division and misstrust etc. So when we do go into their country or paint their nation as the bad guys, nobody over here bats an eyelid. Because if it wasn't for ( their type ) I'd have a job/house etc.

Governments don't want the people of the world to get along!


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Just annoys me franckie when in london they get million pound houses and dont even have to graft for it. my uncle has just emmigrated to new zealand and had to have funds AND a job before he went and just before he left told me that if he falls out of work he has 6 weeks to find other work or he will be on a plane back here! we shud have something similar but instead we dont even have proper checks at ports which allows thousands to enter per year and then lost...redman matt

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Frank Have you been to OZ?

All they do is twist about the lack of structure over there and if you had ever visted like I did to the west coast recently you would agree, however back to the point I agree with you nothing to do with immigrants so many empty houses in the UK not being used due to a greedy few who want an area to be developed and make a killing that coupled with this arse of a government it is not going to get better

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I have a few mates who have emigrated to oz and i know how stringent it is to live there, people who move down under have to contribute or they are out,and yes matt it would pee me off, as for the checks at the ports if the government really wanted to stop it they could but there's no money in it, they are more interested in fleecing a sure thing and that is us.

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Look at how well Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Jamacian and Irish people have done for this country, immagration can be a good thing...

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We are not on about legitimate immigration we are talking about illegal immigration who are housed in a house by a dodgy landlord then they work minim wage then send there money back home to what ever country they come from,like i said blame the greedy landlords/property developers .

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But ther is more that dont. any of them not working send them home. any working in factories replace them with lazy english people. RIGHTWING

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