Conspiracy Talk Archive December 25 2012


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25 Dec 2012 22:48:34
not sure i agree with 5* choice of film for tonight, the 9th gate, but interesting film i know the occult pops up on here from time to time. Anyone believe in that sort of stuff?

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25 Dec 2012 00:43:21
Very worried about privatisation of prisons in briton. It seems to become more and more popular. Like we're following the lead of a failed actor. Any thoughts?

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26 Dec 2012 00:45:16
maybe they should look at the running costs of the system first. How about chucking all the convicted foreigners on a plane, that frees up a load of space and reduces costs. Then rip all the playstations out and sky and all the rest of the stuff they don't need, its a prison not butlins. There in there for a reason. Then actually get to work on some proper rehabilitation programs. Including actually getting the druggies clean. Sorry no that actually makes too much sense doesn't it we can't have that.

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If you put them all down the hole untill time surved, i bet they would not be going back in a hurry,

but oh no when you go to jail now days, you go strait on a wing with drugs up there bum, which is 10x the street value,mobile phones,

snooker tables, ps3, xbox the list goes on,

i could go on and on,

pisses me of tbh

they go in petty little criminals and come out armed to the teeth with knowlegde on how to do worse things.

if they were down the block for three months, getting only food and exercise for the first three month then let them EARN

and not spoken to any body except the guard then would they be worse off

no they would appreciate all the things that you and i do


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Prison is a fallacy exposing minor and first time offenders to hardened criminals does nothing but teach them new tricks i accept people should be punished for their actions but asking questions and looking for causes should be the objective not throwing them down a hole
ps to the daily mailer who says prison is like a holiday camp why not murder evryone you hate and spend the rest of your life in free bed and board

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