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25 Jan 2012 23:36:14
Check this out, very interesting.


Everything You Know is Wrong: Human Origins - Lloyd Pye Presentation

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Ed, have you seen this, he has some pretty convincing stuff... and most of his points are backed by scientific facts.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, I read Lloyd Pye's book, Everything You Know Is Wrong just after it was published and he was going around radio shows promoting it many years ago and I have watched this video before.}

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I ordered his book yesterday off amazon.
is it any good ed?

{Ed033's Note - Yes it certainly was when he first wrote it.}

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What you mean ed?
is it not worth getting?
{Ed033's Note - Yes it is worth getting if you're new to this info. At the time it was published many years ago it was new ground breaking info that not many people knew about but it's old info now.}

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Ah ok thanks ed.

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25 Jan 2012 22:25:22
ed, is alex jones anti-British?

{Ed033's Note - I really think when people like Alex Jones talk about "The British", they don't mean the British people but the ruling class/the crown who allegedly "rule" Britain and is obviously anti that group.}

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25 Jan 2012 15:35:41
Just heard that Julian Assange has his own talk show starting in march on Russia today , apparently with whistle blowers a plenty. Should be intresting.

{Ed033's Note - Julian Assange obviously is backed by the "City Of London" because at the first sign of trouble he went to UK to be protected. He also hasn't put out any info to harm "British" interests. If he was "independent", he would obviously be in prison at the moment probably on "trumped-up" charges.}

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25 Jan 2012 08:05:53
Just want to know people's thoughts on Scottish independence..?

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I think that with Scotlandôs oil and other assets they would do well as an independent country. At the moment the worlds finances are poor ď which i believe is the work of person or presons unknown, keeping everyone poor etc, so Scotland would need to choose if they were to keep the Sterling or if they wanted the Scotty Dolla!

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I myself am proud 2 be scottish and in think independence should hav been considered years before the financial meltdown, but look what happens 2 small oil rich countries these days, they get framed, they get bombed, they get robbed,, ad much rather stay as part the uk 4 the moment, plus how would scotlands indepecdance affect the nwo one world government styragetegy, cant see them being 2 happy about it if they r planning 4 a one world government, unless ofcourse they have other plans 4 us, like total anihilation, what u guys think ??

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I posted the question originally to gauge people's opinions. I'm close friends with a fiercely proud Scot who wants to remain part of the UK. In his opinion, this is entirely the wrong time to be mooting a split due to reasons pretty well described above.

As for any NWO, I really don't think they'd be bothered as you, me and the Scots would be swallowed up. Who knows, they might move us all to the south of France, where the weather is a lot better!

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I think it would be good move for Scotland but not now. Maybe a few elites are trying to force the issue now so it all goes tits up. Just my opinion

Big D

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Only the oil doesn't belong to scotland it belongs to britain and it was english money that built the piplelines, rigs and refinery....

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Also you have to think on things, at the moment its the english tax payer that enables free university education, better nhs etc etc, you would lose all of that.

Also you would have to apply to join the EU as an independent country and they would force you into the euro which is hardly going to help your economy right now.

Furthermore on an issue that affects the union i believe both english and scottish should vote on it not just the scots. I know plenty of english people would vote yes for independence.

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Im scottish and i dont think we should split. We stand taller together, and i have no problems with any of our cousins south of the border. Independence is a nice idea, but in reality, it is as it should be.
Dont get me wrong, i dont agree with britains part in all the shady unjustified war games we take part in, but as a smaller independant nation, we would leave oursevlves very open and fragile.


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Why do some posters come on here with very little understanding of a subject.
Poster above stating it's the english tax payer that enables free university education, ect ,ect.
Does he not realise that in 1973 britain went cap in hand to the I M F for massive loans, then north sea oil was found the following year, uk government then changed their minds about a loan.
Since then scottish north sea old and gas reserves have funded the refurbishment of britain, not my words, the words of Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1974 Dennis Healy.
Scotland would not have to apply for anything it did not want to!.
Why should any other country vote on the independence of another sovereign state...It would be up to that country alone..
I want Scotland to stand on it's own two feet, why do so many english people turn on us with venom?
There is nothing personal in wanting to run your own country.
Think Scots are starting to wake up to that bunch of self serving cretins in the house of commons, after all they retire on fat pensions then their buddies give them a peerage earning another fat wad.
The only scottish people that have done well out of the union is scottish unionist politicians....

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I am proud to be Scottish but I'm just as proud to be British, I think we should stay united


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I'm English and proud,and if the Scots want independence let em have it,they can sort their own currency out,security,armed forces,health care,unemployment benefits..........I think you will find that pretty quickly the north of this island would be human free,apart from Sadmond,so yes away you go but give the English the vote and ask Do you wantscotland in the union.

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I think Scottish independence is just a romantic idea at the moment, both england and scotland will be worse of IMO.


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I've got nothing against the scots, lovely people, but you need to rid yourselvs of this idea that you would be financially viable.

As i already stated last night it is english tax payers money that funds free university education in scotland, this is a fact, same with all your other little perks on pensions and health services.

its british north sea oil and gas not scottish, and remember who paid for all the installations.

Yes you have done very well out of it. But you wouldn't as an independent nation.

So your telling me that you wouldn't apply for EU membership? Course you would, but your membership would come at a price. Brussels would want you in the euro, and that would not be good for you. Also if you did get all the north sea revenues, scotland would become one of the largest contributirs to the EU as you would be classed as one of the richest nations. At the moment you do rather well out of the EU. of the 8 billion the UK receives each year most of that goes to scotland. Go independent and you lose that.
I think we should all vote on it because it is a union. a partnership. yes it has become a little one sided but thats only cos your a lame duck economy. but i also think most english people would vote yes so we could have our independence from you.

This current economic crisis we are in is largely the product of 3 scots, Blair, Brown and Darling. oh and the biggest symbol of it is the royal bank of SCOTLAND. incidentally rbs was bailed out by the english tax payer and you'd have to pay us that debt back as well.

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To the poster above, if we (Scotland) are such a parasite on England why o why do you want to hang on to such a leech?.
I`m glad people like you exist because with your false rhetoric you will speed up our move to run our own country the way we want to.
Ps. We will be generous to you as our neighbour, we will sell you gas, oil, whisky, renewable energy sources (for when your nuclear plants go belly up) and when you have hosepipe bans we will pipe scotish water to your parched wastelands.
pps Im sure India and china will buy oil off us with gold and gas as they do with Iran, bring it on!!

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I'd give you independence tomorrow, i don't want to hang on to you.

Have independence run it how you want, but realise you aint getting 100% of the oil.

We'd have our own gas and oil thanks, irish whiskey is better and renewable energy? you mean wind farms that produce ahrdly anything, and that tidal thing your trying to build (who's paying for that incidentally?)

You really need to realise that the economic future for you is bleak, thats why all your best and brightest move south.

But as i said i'd give you freedom tommorrow maybe you could have president blair and have gordon as the financial whizz kid to run things for you.

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Why are you so bitter towards Scotland?
Your economics seem to have come from soundbites that tory politicians throw away!
Your welcome to brown, he claims to be british at every turn. Our brightest move south ( your definitely having a laugh), more like our greedy mercenary types.
Ps When your skint we might take some of your gold reserve off you at a neighbourly good rate, as we would still like to be pals.....

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Damn,you Scots really are deluded.............the English hanging on to you.........wake up and smell the coffee,we really couldn't careless,infact the majority of us I'm guessing would vote for you to go your own way,you rely are a drain on finances,keep biting the hand that feeds you and eventually the hand goes away leaving you with nothing............. still you could turn to your old allies the Mighty French,I'm sure they will be happy to feed you scraps from there paltry table. {Ed001's Note - how are the Scots a drain on resources? They have oil and gas. That is such a ridiculous viewpoint, the Scots pay their way in the Union.}

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Lmao here! Does it really matter honestly and truthfully? In the grand scheme of things, we should be all ONE!
We the human race are on the brink of either the next chain of evolution, or on the brink of destruction, literally on that precipice and we could fall either side.
That this topic is drawing so much heated debate after some of the fantastic posts on here leaves me feckin astounded!

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...I'm sorry I started it! I never meant it to become a slanging match. I'm English, my Mother lives in Scotland and I love the country when we visit. Surely the sum of our parts is greater than that of the individual? And that goes for Wales and Northern Ireland, too.

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Does this mean us English can all stop supporting Andy Murray? ;)


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Didn't think many English supported Andy Murray? To be honest i didn't think most people were all that bothered about tennis at all apart from the posho's? Bit too elitist for my liking.

What bugs me is the bitter attitude that some scottish people have and a lot of people don't like it, and a lot of it is rascist or borderline rascist. Some of the stuff i've heard and had said to me makes the suarez/ evra thing sound like the teddy bears picnic, any reason for it? No but a lot of you have got a chip on your shoulders about stuff that happened 700 years ago. Who cares about it none of us were alive.

As i keep saying chap i am personally in favour of independence i just keep pointing out that financially things wont be as great as you all seem to think so.

I've got nothing against scottish people at all, especially some of the women, beautiful.

ps we have no gold reserves left some clown called brown sold them and invested in the euro 10 years ago....

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If you have no bitterness towards Scotland and it's people's right to determine their own destiny, why start slagging us off?
We have been getting told for long enough by self serving fith columnist type Scots, we can`t be self sufficient.
Not once have I or any scots on here made any snide or rascist comments, think you are the one being deluded.
If we decide to be independent, what right is it for you or any other nationality to bemoan us our right!. Remember the act of union was not a democratic process.
It is guys like you who stir up hatred and resentment.
Hopefully you are a small minority....

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Firstly chap where did i slag you off?

Secondly try reading what i put, i didn't say comments on here, i said stuff that i had heard said and had said to me.

Thirdly how many times do i have to say i support ypu having independence. I think the union has gone as far as it can and its time to end it. But as its a union i think both countries should get to vote on it, believe me most people would vote yes.

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I don't support him, but every summer when the seasonal tennis fans come out on the radios and television they are ALWAYS harping on about the chances of Murray winning Wimbledon for 'us Brits'.

I do think in general that the English support him, what with the 'Murray Mountain' etc.

If Scotland becomes independant maybe the tennis 'experts' on Talksport and the BBC can shut the hell up about a sport they only watch one month a year, and stick to chatting about Football like they know how!!!!

....Bit off topic there.


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I'm English, but have lived outside of the Uk for a number of years, and also in both England & Wales.

I'm in support of independence for the Scottish, if that is what the people want.

My concern would be more what is left of the union, Wales will be little more than a large county in England, but more importantly, what happens to Northern Ireland? The Unionists there are in a union with Britain, and a breaking up of this will cause tensions there.
This is possibly the most complex task of managing the independence. As an aside, my guess is that Wales would push much sooner for independence if Scotland took it.

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If the unionists are so fond of "britain" they can move back.not like its even their country.planted there hundreds of years ago to take our land and look at the s**t that caused

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I notice a couple of people seem to believe that north sea oil and gas is british even though its clearly in scottish water. They also seem to believe that it was english money that constructed all the oil and gas platforms and refineries how ill informed you are as all these platforms and refineries have been bulit and paid for by private oil companies such as Shell, BP, Mobil, Cheveron, Kerr-Mcgee and Conoco Phillips to name a few. All the money the government has made has come from various types of taxation on these companies. If Maggie Thatcher had half brain she would have set up an oil fund, which is exactly what Norway have done. Hopefully if Scotland gains independence this is what they will do to as there are still massive amounts of oil and gas in the north sea.

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