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25 Jan 2013 10:13:23
The latest news today is around antibiotics and how infections are slowly becoming immune to them and it will take quite sometime to get new antibiotics strains created that will be able to fight normal infections.
Thoughts people? Perhaps we are been informed of this for the possibility of population control in the future and the excuse of that there are no antibiotics to cure normal infections

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This is what I thought when I read this, you could go even further in putting it together with Chem Trails, maybe they are lowering our immune systems to unleash a virus, with those who matter having already been immunised.


{Ed033's Note - Not making any medical claims here but people could do some research on 10ppm super silver solution -

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Thanks for the replies, I agree we will see population control, it has to be done sometimes, and with people living longer and longer, we will soon run out of space, unless we turn to China's policy of number of children etc.
Interesting stuff on the Super Silver Solution, I did some research on this before and could not really find any solid evidence but then could not find anything bad either, there are some stories of people attempting to make their own versions and cocking this up and turning blue lol. Then there are stories of it helping people, I open minded, and would if offered try it, however I would not pay the price they are asking, unless I win my 20 match football bet this weekend.
Also Google brings up a type of weed called super siliver lol, that I would also try lol.


{Ed033's Note - I think the one guy who turned blue decided to add salt to his home made colloidal silver solution.

You can buy a device and make your own colloidal silver solution (don't add salt to it) from the UK at for example

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I was having a conversation with a friend about how homosexuality was caused by genetics and he had a good theory that this was so as to act as a natural population control so when a species population grows too large this gene kicks in, just found it interesting

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Heskey I found this quite interesting Dr Richard day in 1969 the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood" told a meeting that ... he told Pittsburgh Pediatric Society to not record what I am going to tell you and told everyone to put there pens down and recording devices off, you can Google everything that got mentioned but the genetics you mentioned that there would be more gay people in the future meaning less children getting conceived, check it up guys, another question to everyone related is it me or does it seem like there are more gay people than ever before?


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Isn't the point of Evolution to adjust and thrive? Not cap a species.

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Are our bodies really becoming immune to antibiotics or are the makers reducing the strength of them under orders?


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I think we are being duped in to thinking we need a pill for everything, my dad used to deliver coal bags to houses back in the day and in the end it injured his back, he had crumbled discs and he was in terrible pain for years in the end the medication he was taking ended up killing him, he's liver and kidneys were shot to pieces, every pill we take damages our internal organs, personally I would go alternative or herbal medicine, my mum has rheumatoid arthritis all over her body she is taking prescribed tablets that mask the pain but also damages her organs, in the end me and my sisters decided to get her pot to see if it helped, me mum was against it at first but it has eased her pain, sorry for the ramble but I don't trust any prescribed drugs but also know we might not have any other option.


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I agree Franky, my grandad was on heart meds for best part of 10 yrs only to find out he never ever needed it. Sadly my grandad is no longer with us due to a number of different illnesses. If the government (I know it's a big ask) and doctors had the balls to be straight with people we would all be better off. I know my grandad would of been.


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27 Jan 2013 19:22:21
Can't have money involved with medical care. pea

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25 Jan 2013 09:58:59
we were talking about Hollywood and the propaganda machine a few days ago well one of the biggest if not the biggest whistle blower Julian Assange has branded the film "lies" and "propaganda".
in the film it makes a reference to Iran and its arms he tells students at a oxford university video link "How does this have anything to do with us?... How is it that a lie gets into a script about WikiLeaks?" me thinks the elite are worried about Assange but they can't charge him with fake laws they definitely can't kill him or make him have a accident because it would be to much of a coincidence so they go for the latter route and make the movie that suits the western elite.


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Julian Assange's opinion means nothing. Are you going to believe anything he says?

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Well the USA government believes it that's why are trying to subpoena him, that's good enough for me.


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Is the second comment a thread flamer? Ther must be some truth at least amongst all of it.


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The question isn't whether to believe him or not. What does a reference to Iran and its weapons got to do with A Documentary on Wikipedia. Hollywood is used to fan the flames of war once again and demonize people.

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I was thinking that supasub.


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