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25 Jul 2012 18:08:43
To the poster who asked if anyone could see a future where public institutions are privately owned but publically funded. How about

6 Sharon Court
City of London

Manunnaki {Ed001's Note - when you pay your council tax in this town, you pay it to a private corporation. I find that very disturbing myself.}

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25 Jul 2012 17:28:59
{Ed033's Note - Interview With Roger Hayes after his 21 day prison sentence UK Column Live with Brian Gerrish

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25 Jul 2012 17:18:34
afternoon fellow truth seekers. Whilst looking up stuff on the shard and its illuminati symbolism when i realised a few other things and found out some others. Firstly i realised that prior to the shards completion the tallest building in london was a pyramid. Just look at the tower in canary wharf. It was then pointed out that the canary wharf tower intersects a ley line that runs through to greenwich. Also of interest is that apparently a lot of freemason or illuminati buildings usually come in pairs. A tower and a dome representing male and female respectively. For example canary wharf is very close to the millennium dome. Washington is also a good example

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Try looking at the skyline, there's something in this

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