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25 Jul 2013 20:37:42
Hey guys & girls,

With the over-coverage of the Royal bairn being rammed down our throats in the last few days, I've been wondering what the Govt might be sneaking through Parliament while the eyes of the country are off it.

I might have found it. The conspiracy that the US is slowly becoming a police state might have spread to the UK. ASBO's are out, IPNA's will be in. A new bill was passed through it's committee stage on the 15th of July, and it's due to be passed into law.

There are lots of permutations, which are explained here : http://scriptonitedaily.

Worryingly it will give the police powers to disperse peaceful, lawful public space protests.

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25 Jul 2013 18:41:57
Still can't believe there is only ONE VIDEO TAPE of the soooooooooooo called plane that hit ONE OF THE MOST PROTECTED BUILDINGS IN US OF A (pentagon). We the people need to get something going here with the power of the net we need questions answered. Even Familys from 9/11 want questions answered. Cheers Angry Irish Man

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{Ed033's Note - Exactly and that few seconds of 1 video tape doesn't even show a plane hitting the Pentagon. It just shows an explosion. Also the timestamp on the video is not September 11 either

Some idiots say you can't see a plane on video travelling at 500mph

WTC7 fell because of a fire (please people if you wanna good laugh look at this. Stupid BBC reporter reported it live that WTC7 had fell and it was still standing in the background) correct me if I am wrong Ed but no steel building has fell from a fire.

Some people may say the twin towers fell because jet fuel weakened the steel. I sorry but there was no jet fuel in WTC7 an that fell. Cheers Angry Irish Man

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{Ed033's Note - The alleged planes that hit the WTC towers were allegedly travelling at 500mph but we saw them on film, allegedly

There is a photo that was taken before the wall collapsed and it pretty conclusively shows that whatever hit it wasn't very big. The exit hole was about 8 feet in diameter too. The lawn, which should have been treated as a crime scene, was almost immediately swept for debris (evidence), and by the time that was done every cctv in the area was confiscated/erased.

You've just heard a huge explosion, panic and confusion all around. Another attack could happen any moment. What do you do? You clean the lawn right?


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Your regular Boeing airliner is incapable of getting anywhere near 500mph at ground level. It needs considerable altitude to reach those numbers. If you want to understand the aviation side of it, pilotsfor911truth. org has a whole bunch of experienced airline pilots who explain why the official figures don't add up, and in fact are just made up.


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The day before 9/11 it came out that the American Department of Defence had 'lost' $2.3 trillion, all the files regarding this were stored in the part of the Pentagon that the 'plane' hit. 9/11 news buried the story and destroyed the evidence.


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All of those building were built to withstand such an event occurring accidently.

A plane hit The Empire State Building years ago, which prompted the building to be safeguarded for the future.

Not to mention several demolitions experts, physicians etc have confirmed that a plane hitting the building that high would not have caused the damage that it did.

What gets me is, basic logic infers that the resulting inconsistencies of said 'tragedy' are so blatant, yet no one does damn all about it.

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25 Jul 2013 18:34:32
Hi Eds I seen in one of the Irish Papers (forget witch one because it was thrown out then) that the NEW WORLD TRADE CENTER is BOMB PROOF. I thought it was a plane that hit it G-Man

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{Ed033's Note - Maybe a real solid plane didn't hit it, because when you look at the slowed down video, parts of the alleged plane fade into the building without any impact damage being seen. It's very wierd.

You can hear the noise of the plane in one or two videos I have seen

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{Ed033's Note - Yes but if you've seen enough of the 9/11 stuff, someone has added in fake screams into the video. i don't know what happened but if they can create a hologram plane, then they can project airplane noise.

The problem is that the alleged 2nd plane, clearly fades into the WTC tower with no impact which is impossible and can't be explained unless it is a hologram or some other exotic technology was used like something out of the Philadelphia experiment where a ship allegedly disappears and when it reappears, some crew members are embedded into the ship.

WTC7 fell at the same freefall speed as WTC1 & 2, and nothing hit it.


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{Ed033's Note - Even if a plane hit WTC1 & 2 and the explosion and the smouldering fire, still wouldn't of caused them to turn into dust.

Only Dr. Judy Wood's book, 'Where Did The Towers Go', gives us possible scientific probabilities as to what may have happened

Judy Wood Where Did The Towers Go

Ed, I'm sure I read somewhere that the buildings were laced with explosives to cause maximum damage. Could that be what caused the buildings to crash down and burn much quicker than is possible?

Also, have you seen 'Fahrenheit 9/11'? If so, what do you think?


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{Ed033's Note - If you know DR. Judy Wood's research then you would know that the WTC towers didn't hit the ground because the seismic records show that the towers did not hit the ground. Therefore, the twin towers turned to dust (because black technology was used to turn the towers to dust) and did not hit the ground. In certain video, you can see parts of the steel frame turn to dust before our own eyes

Richard D. Hall, Dr Judy Wood - Richplanet

A good friend gave me copy of Dr. Judy Wood's book, 'Where Did The Towers Go' as a present a while back. If anyone has any doubts about the lies and cover-up that went on you should read this, it will eliminate all doubt. Although it can get a bit 'heavy' and is deeply scientific in parts it explains a lot of what went on physically (if that's the right word?) with the buildings.


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{Ed033's Note - The ability to destroy a building is insignificant next to the power of The Force.

25 Jul 2013 13:52:17
anyone notced how meny train crashs there has been in the last couple of weeks?

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The film "unbreakable" comes to mind

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25 Jul 2013 10:56:18
Morning guys, regular reader gift time poster. Someone has just asked me if I had ever heard of the pyramids under the water at the Bermuda triangle. I heard once that they may be used to transfer/store energy but was was wondering if anyone could give me any more info. Thanks

Curious George

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{Ed033's Note - To add to this or something similar, a woman diver started filming pyramids under the sea possibly in that area. Then she went to National Geographic with her film thinking they would promote her videos and carry out their own filming. They agreed to do all this and got her to sign over her videos (and possibly her silence about the pyramids) to them in a binding contract.

Obviously after this, National Geographic didn't do anything they had agreed to as obviously we're not supposed to know that there are pyramids under the sea. Or for that matter we're not supposed to know about pyramids on the land in Africa, China, Bosnia etc.

Ive seen a few sites regarding the Bermuda pyramids and was thinking to myself how many main pyramids are there and how many crystal skulls are there aswell {13 I think}

wonder if they are designated to each pyramid

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