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25 Jun 2013 22:25:21
I see below where franky mentioned how certain cases involving the police have got people asking questions.
What about what happened during the troubles in Ireland. there was rumoured to be a lot of collusion etc.

I know there was people hurt on both sides and a lot of innocent people died that's not what i am saying.
I am talking about police in general. I feel they're is good and bad in every police force.


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Try watching 'Hidden Agenda', not far from the truth as far as corruption in the RUC is concerned

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I do believe there are good policemen but like everything else the higher you go up in the force that's were the waters get murky and I read or watched something about the police recruitment in fact it might have been from this site, saying that they are not always after the right type of copper, some guy passed the exams with over 90% but got declined because he was not suitable for some reason, the guy in question seemed he wanted the job for the right reasons and he cared, it makes you wonder what type of police the establishment want in ten to twenty years.

{Ed033's Note - In order to push in the ridiculous nwo agenda of total control, they want low empathy people (sociopaths, psychopaths) that won't question anything and will do anything they're told regardless.

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Spot on ED. As someone in his early fifties I remember when you could talk to a cop. They showed common sense and cared about what they did. There are still some old school cops but very few. Real cops are sickened by the way politicians are using them as a stealth taxman. The vast majority are in it for the pension.

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I have always maintained that the police force you get is a reflection of the society you live in. For example, a racist society will have racist police force and a poorly educated society will have a poorly educated police force.
I believe that there are different ideas of what a police forces' role is, firstly there is the idea that the force is comprised of Police'men' who uphold the Common Law and help find missing kids etc. , and there is a Police 'Officer' who enforces govt policy i.e. fixed penalty notices and attacks on anyone opposing the state. I prefer policemen as opposed to Policy Officers and I hope there are still some about.


{Ed033's Note - It's a nice thought that there are policemen about on their oath to protect the people on the land against real criminals but unfortunately, police officers say they're on their oath and then commit unlawful acts without consent as they don't realise that policing (enforcing government policy / statutes) in Britain is by consent (only given the force of law by consent).

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25 Jun 2013 13:29:31
Anyone else here think the death of Michael Hastings looks highly suspicious?


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I had seen a link with his death a few weeks ago, I do not much about the guy so would need to research more about him, the only thing I know he was supposedly blow the lid of something, but like I said when I get time I will study more about him.

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It does, sending a chilling e-mail to colleagues and moments later he crashes at very high speed, maybe he was travelling at high speed because he was being chased and forced off the road.


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You just have to look at the facts! Emails wiki leaks 2 hours before saying he's being watched! Does a tv show stating that he's being watched 2 hours later car in a tree on fire! Engine over 50 yards down the road! Pure assassination! No doubt in my mind!


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Richard Clarke thinks it has all the hallmarks of a car cyber attack. I'm finding it hard to understand how the engine of the car could become a projectile. Maybe if anyone here is a mechanic they can help explain if they believe it is possible for the engine to do that in a single car collision? There's something very weird about this.


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Remember seeing something about radio controlled cars! Where They are able to take full control of a vehicle even if it was already in motion! Would have had time to fit it as prior to the crash he was on t. v doing an interview! It's the whole engine that makes this smell funny! I've never seen an accident where the engine has travelled over 50 yards in the opposite direction of where the car stopped! The more I read and watch videos regarding this the more it makes me wonder what info did this lad have that was worth losing your life for!


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Witness claim the car blew up prior to hitting the tree.

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25 Jun 2013 10:28:40
My wife has recently been forced to apply for jobseekers allowance, after being offered a job in the NHS in January, she lost the current job she was in through being the victim workplace bullying. Thinking the NHS job would start within the month, we weren't too worried. Last month she was forced to apply for JSA as she still hadn't got a start date for the NHS job (6 months later!). We got a letter from the DWP at the weekend, 3 weeks after application, telling her that she hadn't made enough NI contributions in 2011/2012 for JSA. At the time she was working roughly 40-48 hours a week for a little over minimum wage.
My point is this; have the UK government altered NI contributions for employers, with the sly intention of knowing that on the minimum wage or slightly higher, you have no chance of qualifying for benefits should you find yourself out of work, thus "saving" the country the expense of an inflated benefits bill?
To add insult to injury, the Job Centre still expected her to travel 6 miles round trip to sign on, for no money. It's a joke.

{Ed033's Note - That's terrible and it shouldn't be that way.

On a side note, I think some people need to move away from JSA and look at tax credits instead. By starting a private business (sell stuff on ebay?) and working 40 hours a week on it (watch less tv?) you may be able to claim tax credits as you're probably a low fill time earner.

That way there's no signing on each week and no job interviews/form filling on a regular basis to get benefits, and if you get a job, you can stop the private business.

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You can ask them to review the situation, and you can check your own contribution record through the hmrc site and calculate yourself. But as you say if your partner was working 40-48 hrs per week they would have been making a contribution even on or near minimum wage they would have definitely paid some, unless the employer was paying cash in hand and there was no contribution recorded or n.i. paid via paye.


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Terrible that Khakipillowslip, my wife had similar hoops to jump in to, I urge anyone who is unsure about anything, the c.a.b is the best place to go to, the sly tories have cut funding to them so it will be near impossible to get sound advice for our benefit, that's a good idea ed about the tax credits with something like ebay.

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The Benefits System really sets my teeth on edge and hope your Wife gets it all sorted soon.

You should appeal the decision through your local Citizens Advice or usually your Council will offer some kind of Money Matters service.

I would also take advice on why she had to leave her previous employment, you cannot let bullies win. Bullies are often blissfully unaware of their own shameful abusive behaviour and will probably move onto someone else. She could have a case for some kind of constructive dismissal. ~ Mrs E

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Firstly, thanks guys, you've all been awesome.
My Mrs has already appealed the dismissal and it was refused. She was dismissed for gross misconduct after a couple of tweets regarding how frustrated she was at work. These were in Dec last year and the staff who squealed had been involved a few months earlier in their lover being dismissed for being drunk at work. My wife was whistle-blower for that. It gets complicated, but this was basically revenge. Basically, there's no chance of a reinstatement.
The benefits thing grates on me. She very reluctantly applied for them as we've run out of things that we can car-boot to make up the shortfall. To be told no due to not enough contributions is the singularly most frustrating thing, when you can turn up as an asylum seeker, get granted benefits, it's irritating to say the least.

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25 Jun 2013 07:17:37
ED001 or ED033, when will the EDS be returning to the MUFC site?
{Ed033's Note - When they feel like it, I would think

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