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25 Mar 2013 23:16:26
Anyone, any thoughts on Mr William Gates' population reduction doctrine and his messed up vaccination programmes?

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Though some may view it as a mission of the elite what he says makes perfect sense. The planet cannot sustain the continuing population growth at this present moment. Can you imagine the population if China did not have their form of population control with the one child policy. It's a touchy subject wherever you view it from.

Captain Needa

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Bill Gates will give $100,000 to whoever can come up with a better condom to stop the spread of aids and unwanted pregnancies.

Captain Needa

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26 Mar 2013 07:29:29
That's easy MARRIAGE!!

Tell bill to contact yous through here for my reward thanks


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Haha ross.

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I do not know were I stand on this subject on the one hand all these rich powerful figures are preaching down to us about resources on the planet which I find suspicious on the other eventually could be in 500 years time were we just have to many people on earth, I am no historian but I guess throughout time war, diseases and mother nature has kept our numbers in check so what are these rich powerful people suggesting?messing around with our fertility which I do think is happening anyway, letting 3 world countries starve? which they are doing anyway or maybe sometime in the future that only a certain type of person can breed the rest of the population would get sterilised, far fetched you might think only as far fetched as a multi billionaire who claims to be concerned about mother earth, the are plenty of uninhibited places around the globe Dubai being one were a desert can get turned in to a oasis, maybe all these concerned powerful figure pool there money in to turning barren places in to more dubai's instead of man made diseases and wars.

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Guess weel just have to head for space and if not then good old mother nature will probably whip us up a nice super-flu to trim down the numbers.

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That's the problem Franky when super rich people claim to have peoples best interest at heart. The money wasted on increasing their prestige be it with places like the Dubai Palm islands or gold bathroom fittings, could be better spent in helping people. While I do think the world's population is out of control I also think it suits the elite to have it so. The system is irreparably damaged but still there is a refusal to look at any other way of living. If the world's banking system was a living organism it would have been put out of its misery by now. The only people who will continue to suffer because of banks collapsing are the ordinary people. While people struggle to survive financially in the so called 1st world, what empathy they have for the 3rd world will decrease. I'm sure eventually people will go along with some plan to control these 'poorer' areas as a fix to help resources in the more 'advanced' areas of the world.

Captain Needa

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I will ask a devils advocate question, would you have it like hundreds of years ago where the weak died like in the wild?

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I don't think the elite should have the right to decide who can and cannot re-produce, yeah I understand that people in ridiculously poor countries keep having children knowing that they haven't got the resources to look after them but who are the 1% to decide they should stop. No matter what way you look at it, the planet has been fleeced and damaged beyond repair, and most of the damage has been caused by the wealthy and their trans-national corporations who crave oil, copper, diamonds, and whatever else

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Btw thanx for the link captain.

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"The system is irreparably damaged" arguably, yes, it certainly may appear so.
Or is it a slick, well-oiled machine that is working perfectly? pea

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Late reply to this as I was away. Pea, I suppose from my point of view it is damaged. But, to those who operate the system it is most definitely as you say, " a slick, well oiled machine that is working perfectly". When we live in a culture that is willing to be spoon fed how it should think then the system will never change. No matter what country you visit chances are you will see the same drivel on TV's.

Captain Needa

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Just to throw this in to the pile! Bill Gates caring about Mother Earth yet owns major shares in BP Oil! Problem is this guy has the funds and the resources to make bad things happen! Always knew he was evil when he stole DOS


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25 Mar 2013 18:03:29
howdy everyone
currently reading machiavellis the prince which is basically a manual for maintaining power and it got me thinking about human nature, to me many conspiracy theorists seem to be the anti-venom to the elite/nwo, too many neat answers and certainty their the real knowledge guardians, I believe the system has been set up by the elite to cater to them but who here wouldn't do the same if you had dug yourself out of the dog eat dog medieval world, I despise hereditary power but its human nature to want better for your children/a better future, I could live in a world with greed and corruption if there were equal opportunities for all but under this sytem its impossible because there has to be the opressed for there to be 'sucesses'. I think ultimately what i'm trying to say is no matter the system the idea of having and being better than your neighbour is human nature and really all we can do behave like reasonable human beings to each other and that trying to see everything on a global political scale often can blur the suffering happening next door

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To many neat answers? I think they find the long way about answering any questions of note, they don't actually give any clear cut answers on difficult questions. Get a few academic elitists to be their spokes-person and everything seems legit!

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25 Mar 2013 11:02:13
Hi Ed you metioned the delphi technique? Do you know any good sites for more info?
Thanks in advance

{Ed033's Note - I'll have to look

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