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25 Nov 2011 20:45:08
Not really a conspiracy as such (or maybe it is ?), but I wanted to ask Ed033 if s/he believes in man-made global warming ?
The Real KB

{Ed033's Note - The only man-made temperature change that can probably occur is with the use of Haarp type facilities. We also don't know what the "chem spraying" is doing. Other planets in the solar system have appeared to warmed up slightly lately but allegedly there are no "men" on these other planets. Allegedly, the real temperature figures show that the Earth has cooled down slightly over the past 9 years not warmed up. The only reason allegedly the media were told to start started saying "global warming" was to bring this ludicrous "carbon tax" in by scaring us into believing that carbon dioxide was going to cause such an increase in heat that it was going to have a devastating negative effect on the Earth. I don't believe carbon dioxide is the cause of temperature rise anyway but obviously we have seen temperature rises in the distant past so to me there are natural temperature changes that take place. Also the "man made global warming theorists" don't want to talk about the "Medieval Warm Period".}

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Sorry ed but you've lost me? I'm confused?
{Ed033's Note - Which part are you confused about.

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Well said Ed033

Irish Red

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Which company made the spray deoderants during the last ice age? The cfc levels must have been extremely high. Or did thinks just warm up on their own? {Ed001's Note - have you ever wondered if there really was an 'Ice Age'? After all, during the so called Ice Age, Siberia, which is one of the coldest parts of the world, was enjoying a period of tropical sunshine. That has never been explained, though Hapgood tried with his theory of how the earth's crust slipped round, which is also the best explanation I have seen for the Great Flood.}

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Everything ed.
{Ed033's Note - How about instead of watching the news on the TV go here and watch the 79 video interviews -

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Yes ed i would agree with what Hapgood suggested, is the only real explanation so far so the shifts like Siberia, and so on having different temperatures in different periods.

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If that is the case ed, why is the current 'science' so ineffectually challenged ?
One would expect, with the massive financial resources at the disposal of the oil producing countries / companies, that they could have had a greater influence on information being fed to the public.
Or is this a conspiracy in itself, to keep oil prices higher than they should be ?
The Real KB {Ed001's Note - you answered your own question mate, it is all about the price of oil. After all, we don't even have to buy that crude oil stuff at all, it is perfectly possible to refine oil from crops grown in the UK ie rapeseed, that could be used to power motor vehicles.}

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I despair the direction the UK's energy policy is moving towards green energy. Costly, unsightly, inefficient. There's still huge coal reserves in this country, which have been left, to spite the miners. Importing eastern european coal. Disgrace.
The Real KB {Ed001's Note - killed one of the biggest industries in our country as well, put many of us out of a job who only worked indirectly for the mining industry.}

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25 Nov 2011 13:43:12
It wasnt about the not willing to use facebook thing, it was the its up to the individual to find out for themselves, it wouldnt even cross most peoples mind the things that go on, people are conditioned not to question anything, i mean id just hate to think good people are been shafted and lied to unknowingly when i could of maybe done something , im not saying ram stuff down peoples throats in a cultish way just i think that if the information was put right infront of people the lights might switch on, you might be right mate i dont know, but youve still got a bad attitude towards someone with good intentions!


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25 Nov 2011 12:15:16
I heard a rumour last night hat the world is flat and everything we have been told about it being round is a lie.

Lurgan red

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World is flat, Haven't you seen the map of world

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Even the Romans Knew the world is round

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I never heard anything about it being round ! are you serious?

{Ed033's Note - It's more oval shaped than round. i think

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Isaiah 40:22

22 It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

Think it was believed long before the Romans arrived, lol.

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Think the Old Testament saw the world as a flat circle lol
Where as the Romans saw it as 'Orbis Terarum' just look up any of the statues of Constantine the Great holding an Orb showing Romes Domination of the world,

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Ppl I wasnt serious

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The world will have plenty of time to recover but man will not it is time to smarten up

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