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David Icke interview with Bewuss TV    

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25 Oct 2013 18:19:25
Hi guys here is a link which talks about the supposed death of Paul McCartney and why the cover up. I don't quite know what to make of it but some of the evidence is quite interesting. all.html

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{Ed002's Note - There were lots of clues "Paul Is Dead" sung backwards (Daed Si Luap) on the White Album (Charlie Manson's favourite), stepping on the wrong coloured part of the crossing on Abbey Road, et.. I have also seen recent pictures of him where he is clearly a much older man than we knew and loved in 1966. However, with some buddies of mine he did record the Masked Marauders album in 1969 - after having over my old boss Jann Wenner with a review.}

This is one conspiracy I do not believe in, they guy does resemble mccartney but come on, sounds like him writes hits after then another great band after the beatles? there's more chance john lennon is hiding away on a island with elvis.

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{Ed033's Note - Yes, there is no real evidence to support this conspiracy

I tend to think its rubbish to but what strikes me is heather mills interview on gmtv saying if anything happens to me my lawyers will release the truth. Now what could that mean?


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I have noticed he talks much more scores than he used to.

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25 Oct 2013 17:51:28
Alright guys I was wondering if any of you guys heard a helicopter at around 10:45pm last night. I know this happens at any time but this one lingered around for about 20 minutes. Any thoughts?

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{Ed001's Note - where in the world are we talking?}

Probably looking for a knuckle dragging chav hiding in some bushes after hijacking a huge shipment of Lonsdale from sports direct.

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Sorry about that mate it was in the south of London. The thing is this has been reported a lot before but then again I'm probably getting paranoid

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25 Oct 2013 12:25:25
So, did you hear about another shooting in America, a young 13 year old boy bringing his mate's pellet gun back to his house, two officers in a patrol car see him ask him to put it down when he didn't, what did they do? Shot him 5-6 times! WTF! Now there on "administrative leave" while an investigation is underway.

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25 Oct 2013 17:20:08
Should have put it down then.

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That's America for you but as above poster puts it if I were a 13 yr old with a replica gun and the police turned up if drop the thing and put my hands in the air before they'd so much as look at me.


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{Ed001's Note - depends on the situation. Did he make any kind of threatening movement or did he just stand still in a panic? It is very easy to say what you would do, but when someone actually points a gun at you, well it is a totally different thing. Fear can make you freeze.}

Ok ed, I understand your point. I'm presuming the 13 yr old would have had at least a couple of warnings to say "put your gun on the ground" etc, even if you were frozen with fear you'd surely naturally comply? Surely the police didn't just ask him nothing or just the once and then just opened fire? Mind you nothing surprises me like that certainly in that country.


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{Ed033's Note - Regardless of who you are, if anyone uses lethal force or perceived lethal force against you, then you have the lawful right to use lethal force to defend yourself.

26 Oct 2013 02:44:31
So it's a 13 year old child's fault that he was murdered by the police for walking with a toy gun? pea

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It all happened very quickly. Santa Rosa police released a timeline - to the second - of the shooting:

3:14:15 - Dispatch creates report of suspicious person walking near Moorland and West Robles avenues.
3:14:19:- Deputies call for emergency asistance.
3:14:25 - Deputies notifiy dispatch that shots have been fired.
3:14:41 - Emergency crews asked to come to the scene.

They discharged 7 shots between them. If you look at the timeline above you can see that it was all over in 10 seconds. So they jump out of the car screaming at the kid and pointing their guns at him. How many seconds did they wait before they fired? One? Two?

This is what happens when people with low IQ's are given a badge and a gun.


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Agree with pea and Ryan.
Societies nowadays are structured upside down. Positions meant to be providing service to the people like politicians and police officers are filled by unintelligent people with psychological issues, whereas work positions which tend to do a disservice to society like bankers and lawyers are filled by motivated intelligent people.

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25 Oct 2013 10:44:46
was looking for madeleine mccann files to read when I came across the strangest story I have heard or watched in years.

the johnny gosch abduction is bizarre,
it starts in 1982 johnny is 12 and every morning around 6ish am he goes in to his dads room to wake him up and the dad would go with his son on a paper round, this day for a unknown reason jg does not wake his dad, a few hours later he is abducted, his mum calls the police etc and things develop from there. A few years later jg mum suspects her husband knows more than he is acknowledging they are now divorced, now it gets weirder. 15 odd years later JG knocks on his mums door and stays a few hours and she claims he told her he can not stay or he and others will be killed, then he leaves, by the way her ex husband does not believe her, another twist a few years later pictures of jg and other boys bound and gagged when he was abducted are found and the case grows momentum then a man steps up and says when he was a teenager he was forced to lure jg to the car then later on forced to have sex with him. the same boy who lured jg was brainwashed and was took by powerful men all over the usa even the whitehouse at 11pm, there is a picture of bush with teenagers two years later and of the kids looks like jg.

in the 70s and 80s mk ultra and project monarch, project monarch was to get kids to groom them to have sex with powerful figures.

now it even gets weirder someone on the internet contacted jg mum and asked her "have you heard the rumours"? she said no he told her that they think jg has a new identity his name is jeff gannon who was a white house reporter, a very friendly reporter who gave g bush very easy questions. other reporters thought he was a plant in fact people were getting suspicious of gannon and they found out that gannon/gosch had very little media or journalistic experience and were wondering how the hell he got the job, I will post a few links that are really interesting plus a documentary. edd or anyone else have you heard of this story before?

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{Ed033's Note - Yes, heard this years ago on Rense Radio.

Johnny gosch/jeff gannon is new to me also the connection to bohemian grove, what do you make of it?to this day gannon has not took a dna test.

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{Ed033's Note - 1000s of young boys go missing all over the world each year for various reasons. Most of the one's that end of in the gosh situation are killed before they reach adulthood but a few are left to be adult slaves

Great post Frankie lad.

Matty b

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25 Oct 2013 01:06:30
{Ed033's Note - Cooking humanity ruining health with Wifi energy

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The argument against WiFi is a subject I think we all need to take a look at. I never really thought about it before now, but traditional PC's and laptops can easily be used plugged in to a modem, but the new generation of smartphones & tablets are WiFi only, and they are creating a dependency right there. So it will take a pretty disciplined individual to avoid it.

If you find any more gems like this please let us know Ed033. I've seen a few with Deborah Tavares, but don't know much about Barrie Trower tbh. I googled him and found a few mainstream media articles vehemently disagreeing with him, which is usually a pretty solid indicator that someone is on to something.


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{Ed001's Note - the problem is that you will have wifi signals running through your home, unless you live out in the middle of nowhere, whether you have your own wifi or not. I have at least 8 that my phone can connect to anywhere in my house, so it would be a waste of time for me to not have it.}

The Ohkoshi lab of the University of Tokyo created a paint that can block a wide variety of frequencies including wi-fi. The paint contains conductive particles which when applied on the walls of your house form a faraday cage. I'm not sure if its commercially available as it was met with heavy resistance by corporations and government organizations alike.

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