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25 Sep 2011 21:54:54
exposure: Gaddafi and the IRA
an investigation into the Libyan dictators support for the Republican terrorists, whom he is thought to have armed, and the continuing danger that his legacy presents.

this is a genuine program airing on ITV, the propaganda machine just keeps forcing their bullsh*t upon the public. there is no mention of thae fact America has sold weapons to both Gaddafi and the IRA, hell they sold guns to the Afghans to fight the Soviets and their own troops are tragically getting killed by them now.

Someone on here mentioned Operation Northwood worth anyone looking at if they still believe 9/11 happened the way the media told you.

always a red

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In a way its the way the world works , gaddafi was made friends with , now we use other elements including the rebels along side al qaeda to overthrow him , its a complicated messy world........lfc

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No mention of Blair stealing his money via Morgan and Stanley either. They're all crooks working for the zionist agenda!

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25 Sep 2011 21:27:47
The conspiracy in wwe continues, the miz an r truth av been sacked. Guys wot is going on? Enough wiv the chat about the moon landings an let's get to the bottom of this very real conspiracy, keeping heros from reaching the top. Is it the goverment behind this or somebody even higher? Is god( robbie fowler) behind the miz conspiracy!

Cm sucks

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WHat is 'r truth' and what is 'the miz' ?

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Had to laugh at that question their wrestlers

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25 Sep 2011 17:21:45
Right just thought i'd throw a few bits and pieces in about Greece and the EU.

"An uncontrolled default or exit of Greece from the eurozone would cause enormous economic and social damage, not only to Greece but to the European Union as a whole, and have serious spillovers to the world economy," Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn

Hopefully this helps to understand the economic issues.

I alos noticed that lfc alluded to the EU as being another go at the Nazi's plan. He is largely correct. However the concept dates back to WW1. The Nazi's just took it further and added genocide to it.

The Mitteleuropa plan was to achieve an economic and cultural hegemony over Central Europe by the German Empire[4][5] and subsequent economic & financial exploitation[6][7]of this region combined with direct annexations[6], settlement of German colonists,expulsion of non-Germans from annexed areas, and eventual Germanization of puppet states created as a buffer between Germany and Russia. The issue of Central Europe was taken by German thinker Friedrich Naumann in 1915 in his work Mitteleuropa. According to his thought, this part of Europe was to become a politically and economically integrated block subjected to German rule. In his program, Naumann also supported programs of Germanization and Hungarization as well.[8] Naumann in his book used imperialist rhetoric combined with praises to nature, and imperial condescension towards non-German people, while advising to show some "flexbility" towards non-German languages to achieve "harmony"[9]Neuman wrote that it would stabilize the whole Central Europe region. See[10] Some parts of the planning included designs on creating a German colony in Crimea and colonization of the Baltic states.[11]

The ruling political elites of Germany accepted the Mitteleuropa plan during World War I while drawing out German war aims and plans for the new order of Europe.[8] Mitteleuropa was to be created by establishing a series of puppet states whose political, economic and military aspects would be under the control of the German Reich.[12] The entire region was to serve as an economic backyard of Germany whose exploitation would enable it to compete with the British Empire and any other competitors for the position of the world's dominant power.[12] Political, military and economic organization was to be based on German domination[13], with commercial treaties imposed on countries like Poland and Ukraine. It was believed that the German working classes could be appeased by German politicians through the economic benefits of territorial annexation, settlement of Germans in Central and Eastern Europe and exploitation of conquered countries for the material benefit of Germany.[14]

Partial realization of these plans was reflected in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, where guarantees of economic and military domination over Ukraine by Germany were laid out.[15] Both Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungary would become reliant on German support in post-war Europe,reducing them to the status of vassals[16]

The Mitteleuropa plan was viewed as threat by the British Empire, which concluded it would destroy British continental trade, and as consequence the source of its military

I'd also suggest looking at the terms of the German-Russian peace treaty in 1917, the treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

As we know the Germans tried again in the 40's.

Then comes Rome.

The advance towards a federal superpower...


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Mort you're a legend for that, thank you very much.

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No worries Raz. Glad it helped. I find the economic stuff a bit hard as well, tricky to find it laid out simply.

As for the EU stuff, well probably the biggest political conspiracy going.

One thing i'm gonna look into is the Illuminati/ EU thing.


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Ok few more then

seems to be a few other links in there as well that are worth checking out tripped on this looking for something else, bit odd in places but wigged me out. this one you need to stick with a bit but the bit with the barcode was a revelation, need to reserach that a bit more.

there is loads more but i went off the original tangent.


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Thanks Mort, I'm afraid I've been slack and haven't checked any of it out but I will!

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Cheers Raz


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25 Sep 2011 02:16:25
Hi everyone, Ive always been into conspiracy theories, but never really told anyone. But now the Edds have mixed the footie with conspiracies. Fantastic!. I have been reading through some of the posts and a few of them are very interesting. For example the Moon landing. There has been lots of info out there saying that some or the astronauts were given hypnotherapy sessions, so they would remember the finer details of the actual landing. I have been told whilst being hypnotized the astronauts could not remember things that would be embedded deep in the mind. These would be the actual landing, the time of the landing, instruction received from NASA the goes on and on.

This had fascinated me to the point I started looking for more evidence. I came across something very very interesting. The American government was at the time doing tests on some of the Army. Some of this information was Declassified. In the declassed journals was a file on Human Mind Control. Thats all that was written saying some soldiers were subjected to methods that would effect short term memory and in some cases long term memory.

MKULTRA is what you need to search for. I can not be 100% sure that the testing was carried out around the same time. But its not that far off either.

So If the American government was in on this MKULTRA and it did effect the people the way they say it did. Whats to say they did just use the same techniques on the Astronauts.

TReVoR {Ed033's Note - Edgar Mitchell did hypnotherapy twice and no memories were found. Also, Buzz Aldrin can't remember what he did on the moon either. There is more info about the book - Dark Mission. Here is an interview with Richard C. Hoagland about the memory loss of astronauts

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Thanks Edd will watch later. Keep up the good work.TReVoR

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Trev I read about that for the first time yesterday...will deffo do more research, but it sounds mad. they are even speculating that the person who assassinated JFK was under the MKULTRA influence...

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Do a bit of digging. JFK was murdered by zionists. He stated "In his lifetime Israel will not get the bomb" (nuclear). Within a few short years of his murder they Israel had the bomb! To this day they have at least two hundred nuclear missiles (illegally held).

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I know mate. I said there is speculation that. Btw Illuminati = Zionists, that's where the antichrist will rule from according to them. Illuminati are said to be at the very least in cahoots with Nazis, who invented MKULTRA I think....

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Oh no it wasn't sorry! Ignore last post!

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