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26 Apr 2012 03:00:32
Here's a question,
If flouride is put into toothpaste to dumb us down, then why aren't homeless people with no teeth really smart?

Because its in our drinking water.
But does anyone know if prolonged use of a non-fluoride toothpaste and avoidance of tap-water would make any diifference to someone in their 20's, 30's, 40's etc when someone has already had alot of exposure?


{Ed033's Note - If any proper studies have been done, then it has not been communicated to the people through the government. So there's something wrong there. If no proper studies have been done, there's something wrong as well. Fluoride doesn't just effect intelligence level. There are multiple negative side effects. The one that the controllers like is that it pacifies people. This is why fluoride was added to the Nazi concentration camps. Fluoride possibly has a cumulative effect like mobile phones. The more times you use a mobile phone, the more holes you get in your brain.

Fluoride allegedly increases infertility and will cake-up the pineal gland in the brain. Fluoride allows aluminium to pass into the brain through the blood-brain barrier which can cause Alzheimer's disease.

Originally the aluminium industry had an expensive hard time getting rid of the fluoride they used in the making of aluminium as this fluoride is a health risk to humans. Allegedly, there is no evidence that drinking fluoridated water is good for the teeth. Now the aluminium industry sells the fluoride and this is possibly poisonous to humans. If a child swallows toothpaste they could die because of the fluoride in the toothpaste.

{Ed033's Note - The Dangers Of Fluoride and Water Fluoridation

Can I confirm please thatStephen Fry has drunk our tap water and used toothpaste all his life.
Seriously guys there are all sorts of chemicals and natural substances that may make our bodies or brains slightly slower for a period, but then there are ones that speed it up and make it more alert like coffee. This conspiricy is right up there with reptillian overlords and planet X. Sorry, and this is coming from someone who has been interested conspiricy theories for 15 or so years. Ps the federal researve had JFK executed and 911 was a controled demolition organised by the global financial elite, and the governments run/organise/profit from the global drugs trade, now these are real stop faffing about thinking about with the daft ones :) !

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - you do realise that flouride is a toxic chemical right? That is not in question. The only question is what effect it actually does have on us? That is something we still don't really know, nor will it be easy to find out for certain, due to the fact we imbibe so many other chemicals during our lives.}

Stephen Fry is an outstandingly intelligent accademic but still of flawed character ie has made some bad decisions in his life regarding drug use etc. Does that mean because of him cocaine consumption doesn't effect you?
Doesn't mean anything either way Matt but I see the point your making.


I do realise there is dangers from anything with any toxidity content but it is in such mynute doses that it wont have an effect unless you swap butter for toothpaste and start eating minty ham sandwiches with mercury sauce.

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - how do you know that? Aspartame is in minute doses, but there is a hell of a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest it causes major harm to the body.}

In tests over the years, adverse effects to fluride have been in the stomach, there is a correct term for what it can give you but for arguments sake, it can give you the sh*ts. There is no evidence to suggest it 'dumbs' you that is of any significance.

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - there was no evidence aspartame was harmful according to tests. Funny how tests can manage to not find evidence that would cost large corporations money isn't it?}

On a slightly seperate note, listening to Radio 5 today (and someone else hear will be able to give more detail) heard brieflt discussed that apparently some scientist(s) have found that there is no evidence that mobile phone's have any link to cancer.
Yet last year 31 top scientist's voted 29-2 in favour of mobile phone's being considered as potentially carcinogenic.
They considered that use over 10 year's at approximately 2 hours a day could increase the risk of cancer. Now does that include internet use also on multifunction phones/ Ipads etc as 2 hours a day becomes a smaller amount in theory. Would anyone here know? I'm not sure about any of it but everything that comes out seems to be contradictory.
I've seen evidence years ago of workmen who developed tumor's say in the same area as they kept their phone's in their pockets or on their belt's.


Yes I fully understand your point and I am wary of many things in this world, but I think we mostly all damage our bodies far more in other ways these days with alcohol smoking fast food caffene etc..... As Ive said before I am open minded but I dont worry so much about this issue, the hospitals are in financial dire straights as it is and making the governments look bad without them giving us all gut rot I reakon. If peope want to worry about fluride thats fine, its their choice to brush their teeth with toothpaste but dont go breathing near me !

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - toothpaste doesn't need to have flouride to clean your teeth, it certainly has no effect on your breath. There are toothpastes on the market that are flouride free.}