Conspiracy Talk Archive August 26 2013


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26 Aug 2013 12:24:07
Ok so I was looking into Hitler's escape to South America when I got side-tracked by something else.

Has anyone ever heard of the Brotherhood of Death?

Supposedly its another name for a certain super secret society who are the string pullers. The Illuminati. They supposedly are bunch of Satanists, hence the name. Illuminati itself, the Illuminated ones coming from Lucifer, the bringer of light.

Anyway as part of their plans to take over the world and bring in the New World Order they set up several sub society's in various countries to gain a foothold and take control.

One of these in Germany was the Thule Society. They had a strong influence in the German Workers Party (DAP) which would later include one Mr A Hitler as a member who took over and turned it into the Nazi Party. A lot of leading Nazi's were either alleged or proved to be in the Thule Society including Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

Hitler was chosen by the Thule Society to be their instrument in bringing about the New World Order.

Another secret society formed in 1832 in Yale was said to be a spin off of another group at a German University. This is Skull and Bones which was originally known as the Brotherhood of Death. Rituals at S&B are shrouded in secrecy but what has emerged of the initiation rituals has led some occult scholars to declare these rituals as satanic.

Certain S&B alumni in the late 20's and through the 30's financed the Nazi party. This included Prescott Bush (Father to GWHB and Grandfather to GWB), the Harriman brothers and others. They got friends like Rockefeller to stump up cash as well, and other friends in the media to suppress unflattering reports from Germany and print favourable stories. Including the Hearst group and Time_Life (the founders of Time Mag were also S&B alumni)

Have a read of this website which details some of the stuff Skull and Bones did to support the Nazi's.
And remember George Bush sr proclaiming the New World Order.


Great post mort my question to you is,
who originally set up the organisation? you have mentioned rockefellers cash and no doubt the rothschilds money is involved but to me something or someone is behind the whole shebang in other words this is not just a monetary based involvement its much deeper and darker than that.

Franky, just to clarify which organisation? Its a complex web.


27 Aug 2013 09:17:46
I think the Hess family would be a decent thread to follow. pea

The brotherhood of death mate.

Ah well the original master order, well who knows, you're guess is as good as mine mate. I doubt we'll ever find out on that one.

The Yale chapter is well documented.
William Russell and Alphonso Taft. Taft's son incidentally was a member and later President.


27 Aug 2013 21:28:06
Also look at the logo and look at the SS cap badge.

Thats why I think there is a higher power overlooking the rothschilds/rockefellers of this world.