Conspiracy Talk Archive February 26 2012


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26 Feb 2012 01:50:43
Whats everyones thoughts on the 3 days of darkness?

Could spread a little light on the subject please !

It opend my eyes

What is it? never heard of it?

Google it. Its a religious prophecy that alot of well respected priests throughout the world have backed

I looked it up and seems a bit general. All religions have doomsday/end of the world prophecies and this seems no different. Is it because its a Catholic prophecy that makes it more believable as its more mainstream? For arguements sake Jellystone volcano goes several days of darkness and deadly gas clouds etc. I guess its more scary if your religous/believer. CheltBlue

Anything that comes out of the mouth of any priest you can assume straight away is nonsense. For a start they believe in fairy storeys from a time when humans didn't know what an atom was or that the earth was round or where the sun went at night.


Three days is a bit optimistic, Massive eruptions have already happened, it will happen again but will it kill every human very doubtful. to matt a catholic priest made the big bang theory

Belgian Catholic priest George LeMaitre was the first person to make a theory that the universe was expanding, in a nutshell thats all he did and wasnt looking at it from a relegious point of view. Edwin Hubble proved the theory scientifically. By the way Im not saying there isnt something else, Im open minded on it , I dont know and the likeliehood is I never will. But all the religeons that people worship nowadays are nonsense and unless anyone proves otherwise that it wahat I will think.


Anything that comes out of the mouth of any priest you can assume straight away is nonsense: thats what you said, then said that a Catholic priest was right. Think about it.

Agreed, he was correct. It is funny though how his silly book that he studies forgot to mention this to him, for the truth he had to get his head out of his fairy stories, engage his own brain and he duly discovered it.


Also didn't an Austrian priest give Darwin the idea for evolution?