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26 Feb 2013 23:13:26
it got me thinking after watching v for vendetta about how we get taught in schools about people that were perceived evil/terrorist like guy Fawkes, like edd said he could now be seen as a patriot, does that mean we have to question everyone in the history books and I don't mean your Hitlers/Stalin/ Vlad / Pol Pot, they had the power and control to not kill anyone if they chose and they were running there countries, I am talking about the so called mad men like guy Fawkes like pirates, bin laden etc maybe its a set agenda they are the bad guys, we are the good and killed them before they could do harm to everyone. who knows?

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Guy Fawkes was the 1st and last person to ever walk into parliament with good intentions

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27 Feb 2013 12:57:43
What Fawkes did can be considered good. Pirates is open to interpretation. A lot of pirates were paid by governments to act as commerce raiders against other countries whereby little or no blame could be attached to the parent country. Basically war by proxy like the Cold War. Although a lot went free lance. Bin Laden well that's different. Whether he did it off his own bat or acting on behalf of others its still bad. Not sure the guy could ever be considered redeemable.

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I don't think Fawkes was actually guilty, as he only admitted to the gunpowder plant after hours of intense torturing.

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Sorry Gunpowder plot.

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The poster at 12.37 is actually talking about privateers not pirates. The distinction is perhaps a fine one, but it is there.
You will all know that Guy Fawkes was a relatively minor player in the 'gunpowder plot'


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28 Feb 2013 17:27:50
Puzzled to the English their privateers to the Spanish they were pirates. Besides a few privateers went pirate anyway. {Ed001's Note - privateers were just pirates given a license to pirate, nothing more.}

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28 Feb 2013 17:28:59
puzzled sorry meant to add re tie pirate or privateer thing it depends whose propaganda you believe.

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ED001 - indeed they were and as soon as it suited them they would revert to 'the day job' -like I said the distinction. whilst fine, is clear

Puzzled {Ed001's Note - exactly, the only difference was a letter of marque, nothing more, nothing less.}

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In almost all cases what we get is Victor's history. Look at the story that emerged towards the end of WWII; the Soviets were brave and noble allies fighting the Nazi tyranny. In actual fact they were every bit as bad as the Nazis and actually killed more people. Similarly only the war crimes of one nation were reported with a huge cover up of the Katyn massacre, Dresden firestorm, systematic rapes and summary executions on the allied side being brushed under the carpet. It's very difficult to trust the reporting of historical events

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Histrory is written by the victors

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26 Feb 2013 22:05:29
I'm trying to find the link or article about submarine incident that happened near Mexico, think it was a French sub that had discovered a strange substance and was threatened by different nations and helped by others, tried searching but can't find it!

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{Ed033's Note - Specifically, you may want to watch Part four below and download the Nexus Magazine article from the link below that for what happened with the submarines in the Gulf of Mexico around the 2010 disaster. For more info you can also watch parts 1, 2, and 3 video interviews

Bases 17 ET Connection with Falklands War Parts One and Two

Bases 17 ET Elements of The Falklands War Part Three

Bases 17 ET Elements of Falklands War Part Four mostly about the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster

If you watched Part Four of the ET Elements of The Falklands War video about the intelligent nano black oil shown in the prometheus film being drilled for leading to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster, then there was a reference in the video to a Nexus magazine article about alleged french embassy intelligence reports on the international activity around the disaster site. Click Here to download this Nexus magazine article in pdf format
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Thanks ed that was driving me nuts its an interesting story!

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What I found strange about what happened was everyone alludes to a nwo but clearly they do not trust each other if this story is true, we all know the UK USA and israel are close allies but if it was a nwo the pride of lions would share the kill, everyone would get a taste instead it looks like the lions are trying to scare off the hyenas.

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26 Feb 2013 18:19:04
Just seen a advert onchannel 4 there for that meteorite that hit Russia so was wondering what the conspiracy that's behind it is all about.


{Ed033's Note - The russians may have used a black technology weapon against the meteorite to prevent another 1908 Tunguska type event

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Half the russian think it is a UFO according to a newspaper poll.

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