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26 Jul 2012 19:08:46
If people thing the Flag incident yesterday at the North korea Match was an accident they are borderline r*****ed in my opinion. Someone said to me "Dont be so stupid" come on?,It was a blatant middle finger, what do others think ?


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Totally agree with you, got laughed at at work today for suggesting it was done on purpose but I still believe that it was


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Awsome that was a epic blunder on a massive scale f****n olimpics'LOL'.They could not have picked the two most despised enemy in don't look good for the rest of the show.ha ha..

red blancmonge

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Things like that dont happen by accident. J staff

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Quite literally a 'false flag' incident.

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They've been getting it right since though, they must have used a Korea's advisor.

{Ed033's Note - North Korea is on the "axis of evil" list. Of course they would have a pop at them using the wrong flag to upset them. I would expect them to do such a childish thing.

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26 Jul 2012 00:54:41
ufo seen flying over the south of scotland heading north, really clear night good conditions, no wind on ground level. Size was tiny almost the same size of a star however no noise and was moving almost twice the speed of a jet! Last spotted over the small town of Girvan. Witness says that fifth one seen in 1 night #ailsacraig

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Um , satellite maybe??

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