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26 Jul 2013 22:00:21
{Ed033's Note - Chris Everard's Secret Space Film - One of the best documentaries covering Ufos, Nasa, Nazi technology

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Hi edd I have stated that I am 50/50 on this subject my question to you is what is your opinion on mythbusters debunking all the theories on the moon landing being fake? one thing about mythbusters being on the payroll was a episode with barack obama being on it.

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{Ed033's Note - The mythbusters team was paid to make a program to debunk the fake moon landing theories. If they were paid to agree with the fake moon landing theories, they would have made a different program.

I don't understand edd, they believe moon landings were real? that was my post as well above.

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{Ed033's Note - Mythbusters can believe whatever they want. Mythbusters get paid to make programs so they make the program they're paid to make.

There is a secret space program that uses black technology. I think Humans have been to the Moon using black technology but the video and the pictures in the glossy magazines of the Apollo astronauts on the moon are fake imo.

I get you know, a hard secret to keep unless they were threatened or brainwashed or both, we all know how sensitive the elite are if this was a grand scale hoax would it not be more secure for the astronauts to have a accident?

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{Ed033's Note - There were multiple Apollo missions, you can't keep creating astronaut 'accidents' after each mission.

Hmm the intensive training the astronauts are put thru could be dependent if they are easily brainwashed or controlled as I can not see anyone carrying that kind of secreat without telling someone or cracking up.

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{Ed001's Note - some of them just never talked about it. Armstrong was a virtual recluse, for instance, until late on in life, then he would not want to talk about the moon landings.
As for Mythbusters, the program is a load of nonsense. They heavily weight all the 'experiments' to achieve the end result they wish to get. It is very easy to do.}

I get your point edd but as a kid wanting to be a astronaut was to find extraterrestrial beings a bit like star trek and to me if that was my dream job I would want to tell everyone, armstrong always shied away from the publicity unlike buzz, if the moon landings were fake which I am 50/50 on it is not a normal secret you can keep.

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{Ed001's Note - which is the point, if you were the first man on the moon, would you go into hiding and not talk about it? I know I wouldn't! I would want to remind everyone that was me.}

Hmm food for thought.

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Armstrong should have been the greatest superstar in the world, and instead left NASA and hid himself away in a university office for 8 years. Aldrin had his own personal battles with alcohol and depression, and Michael Collins for some reason seems to be the forgotten man. These guys should have been more famous than the Beatles, but you get the impression there was a lot of tension in the group, and they seemed to not want to know each other after their mission. Odd.

I've never believed those moon pictures were real. A professional photographer would need perfect conditions to achieve that quality. All the way to the moon and you get perfect lighting for your pictures. No, sorry, that is just stretching it a bit too much for me. Straight through the Van Allen radiation belts twice each, and not one of them ever had radiation sickness? Hmm.

I'm convinced the moon landings were faked, but I'm a bit confused about the black technology E033. I'd like to read more about it if you can point us in the right direction.


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{Ed033's Note - Project Camelot with Michael Schratt on Black Technology aircraft part 1 of 2

Michael Schratt on Black Technology aircraft part 2 of 2

Below is a presentation by Dr. Joseph Farrell on Nazi Black technology

Nazi International presentation Part 1

Nazi International presentation Part 2

Thanks Ed033 much appreciate the links, will watch them all.


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{Ed033's Note - Ok great

26 Jul 2013 18:02:12
Regarding the 'royal baby'. Shudder.

I read a few years ago, don't remember where, that it may be possible to decide on the gender of your child at some stage during the pregnancy.

Anyone think this is the reason, for the convenient 'boys' being born? William, Harry and this new kid.

A bit too convenient for me.

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26 Jul 2013 19:47:24
They're probably made in a lab. pea

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And kept warm in an incubator until they are ready to hatch out of their shell.


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26 Jul 2013 10:15:38
To all those especially Franky being bummed at the new royal gremlin! imagine how I feel its got the same birthday as me, feels like i'm going to burst into flames now! can you change your birthday by any chance I wonder? or ill just stop celebrating it ;)

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I'm sorry for your lose Mr. Jones.

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