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26 Mar 2013 16:38:04
hey guys a question to you all and the editors if you don't mind? I am getting a new tattoo for my b/d in june and it is going to be of Che Guevara, what tattoo would you get?.

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A friend of mine got a tattoo of Che about 10 years ago, it looks class but I now know of 4 or 5 different fellas who have the same tattoo. If I was getting a Che Guevara one done I'd definitely stay away from the face on the t-shirt which is so common.

Always wanted one of Bobby Sands but it's a tetchy subject here in N.I.

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Good shout about the classic Che pic, interesting call about bobby sands I was a teenager when he was on hunger strike a bit like Che he died for his beliefs.

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What about Vetruvian man Franky lad, nice little symbol of who we are. CM68

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Yeah Bobby was a true hero. who got caught fleeing from a gunfight in a car after leaving two of his injured fellow terrorists behind. But of course honour and decency are never really at the core of terrorists. oops I mean freedom fighters. I would love to see what it would be like without drug dealing, pimping, extorting of either persuasion in Northern Ireland who claim to be the guardians of their cause. If you are going to choose a hero from ulster stick to van morrison or George Best.
Oh and before you drag religion into it please remember that at its very core - christianity is meant to be about peace and goodwill to ALL men.

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26 Mar 2013 19:20:25
not sure why anyone would want to get themselves decorated with a picture of a murderer. I'd go with the the vinci option would be different and cool.

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I love tattoos just think I am a little old at 44 to start inflicting pain upon myself {Ed001's Note - I have never seen the appeal in them personally. Nothing worse than old people with wrinkles and tats, vile things.}

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When I was a lad it was a preserve of sailers, squaddies and crims. Now there everywhere. Each to their own of course, but there's nothing worse than seeing a pretty lass covered in ink, looking like a Yakuza outcast. Like putting go faster stripes on an Aston Martin.

Mort {Ed001's Note - exactly mate, I was brought up the same Mort. Sometimes I wonder why people can't just be happy with themselves as they are.}

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And the obsession with Boob jobs! Nasty.


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Bit harsh ed talking bout old people like that, they fought in the war you know, they could leave their doors & windows open back in the day, you youngster have no respect {Ed001's Note - sorry grandad!}

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Ulster heros? yeah Van and George the drunken womanisers

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Reply to mort's post, I worked as a theatre technician for BUPA, some of the things people do to their bodies is just unbelievable, some people left the theatres looking like Frankenstein after going under the knife

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Drifting of the subject now but having a tattoo does not mean you are unhappy with yourself people get them for different reasons I have two and both are for a reason and I would have agreed with you about women with tattoos but this bird in the gym looks freaking hot with them, mrs frankiescouse does not go on a laptop so I am safe.

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26 Mar 2013 22:29:59
i don't mind small and tasteful in certain areas. Its those that plaster them all over, trying to look like skanky porn stars. Sorry got away from the subject. Mort

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Bummer have a few myself, designed all by me and I would think they're quiet tasteful and represent a lil bit of me, like the "choose right between heart an head" on my arm. I always believed in wearing my heart on my sleeve per say. Always looked up to Ed but didn't think he would judge for such a thing, I wouldt call anyone a prude for not having one.

Whats you stance on the Maori culture, and Buddhist protective ward tattoos by the way, and don't reprimand me on saying its a completely different thing, yes I know in advance.

Oh well I am a wee bit of a sailor anyway :p off to my skanky yatch now to be happy with myself. {Ed001's Note - what are you talking about? I hate the way all of them look, what stance are you referring to? Judge? I never judged anyone for them, other than not liking them and wondering why people would choose to disfigure themselves with them. I will reprimand you for wasting my time with a ludicrous post instead.}

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Fair enough, point taken, didn't want to incur your wrath. In the end its not a subject that will change the world anyway. {Ed001's Note - exactly, it is just my preference, like brunettes rather than blondes. I just don't do blondes, but that doesn't mean any more than they are not my type. Tattoos are the same, I find them completely unattractive. Oh and no wrath, just morning grumpiness coming out as I type!}

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Saw this really late so won't be surprised if no one responds now but I've got a che quote on my back. and my next tattoo is a bit wacky but it will be half the face of Che, and half the face of muhammed ali - two of my greatest idols. currently in my final year of uni and i'm writing my dissertation on Che. what a legend.

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26 Mar 2013 11:23:14
What are people's thoughts on Knox and Sollecito? Guilty or innocent?


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I think the girlfriend got jealous and she did it after maybe her boyfriend taking a shine to the victim one way or another. But, I am being a little presumptious.


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My opinion is she did it.

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She didn't do it

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Things don't quite add up she has funny eyes like maxine carr

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She is guilty, I have sat at court more time than I can remember and you can tell she is as guilty as OJ Simpson was.


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I reckon all three of them are guilty.

She definitely looks evil that girl.


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I think your right Adam, I think the boyfriend and girlfriend are covering for each other and they have their story straight, but I think ultimately it would make sense if the girlfriend commited the murder. I think the guy who was convicted must of had some sort of involvement too though.


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