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26 May 2013 20:41:19
So a copycat killing in West Paris, when does it end? Just waiting on riots starting all over Europe. Sawney

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Mate, it could have been over anything, the media are publishing all these type of murders as a possible terrorist wave, it is put in our minds but if its over something not terror related then it will not be big news, job done.

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Well a soldier being hacked to death and now an on duty police officer being stabbed in the neck, obviously the media are going to be all over it. What's you're take on it all? Is it getting worse or are we just more aware of what's going on?
Sawney {Ed001's Note - it has been shown many times that crime per head of population has reduced markedly over time. The difference is purely our awareness of them, not just because of mass media to be fair. There is also the larger family and other contact spread that people have, in much closer proximity with much larger groups of people. People tended to have little contact with people from outside their own villages, in times past. Now we have the whole world's information and crimes in front of our eyes, of course it seems worse. Certainly, in the UK at least, crime is much lower. Things such as highwaymen, who were mostly brutal and vicious killers, are pretty much non-existent, for instance. I do doubt it is much safer though, due to the fact you are likely to come into contact with far larger numbers of people than our forefathers ever did, with the increased chance it entails of one of those people being a violent criminal.}

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27 May 2013 12:29:42
At least the Highwayman of yore had the decency to leave you alone once he'd robbed and/or killed you *cough*taxman*cough* spluttering pea

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How, is it a "copycat" killing? It couldn't be more different!

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26 May 2013 19:31:58
Will anybody be attending the Bilderberger fringe festival in Watford next week? Alex Jones and David Icke will be speaking.

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I doubt if either will be there, paul joseph watson will be there (he is alex jones uk sidekick)

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Both are confirmed to speak.

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You're right mate, icke is speaking and it does say jones is going to be around, it looks pretty cool having a bilderberg fringe festival with comedians/music/organic food drinks etc, sounds like a new age hippy type of gig, I am very tempted to go, could ask the mrs as a b/d present lol, even though I look like a neo nazi, I am willing to try the experience.

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OMG Franky looks like Cameron :-)

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26 May 2013 19:28:24
does anyone know why sick videos and images are allowed on facebook?it never was like that, my mum has got a smartphone and I persuaded her to go on facebook to keep in touch with friends etc and sometimes there are funny videos she watches, then I got a phonecall of her upset saying she has just seen a video of a young women getting her head cut off because she cheated on her husband, ffs wtf is all this about?don't tell me your isp providers can not stop it because they had made a conscious effort to close down or free movie downloads but they can not stop sick videos?if sick videos were a money making thing you bet your bottom dollar they would stop it.

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It's the same with youtube Franky. Some of the videos there are just sick. I'm not in favour of censorship, but the graphically violent videos are becoming too prevalent, and the big worry is kids seeing it, and becoming de-sensitised to it.

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Totally agree Franky, my oldest lad lives his life on it, lost the art of conversation, like everything else, destroyed by the mindless few. CM68

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Ryan agree with you on no censorship but family sites like fb twitter etc should be what they are family sites, I do think it is premeditated for us to be desensitised in the future, makes you think in the future the hunger games will be like big brother.

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At the height of the Harlem Shuffle craze it is said that there were 200 shuffle video uploads to YouTube every hour. That's more than can be watched by a single person. The sheer volumes involved are part of the reason, as is the internet's inherent difficulty to be policed proactively.


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26 May 2013 12:44:59
ed I registered for a username on this site, does it mean i'm signed in at other sites like football rumours etc?

{Ed033's Note - What it means is that your username is unique to our sites so no one else can be deakko7 on our other sites but because of internet security measures, you'll have to log in to our other sites

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26 May 2013 11:46:12
I'm a British soldier and it makes me laugh what some people think we do in places like Iraq and afghan. No mention of help build their infrastructure such as build new roads schools etc I remember in Iraq we gave a village to new generators because they had no power only for them to sell them to someone a week later. Most people out their know we are their to help them but live in fear of the Taliban and you know when their about because the normally friendly locals won't even talk to us. Yes sometimes their is civilian casualties but we are not monsters we are people with family to.
The big problem with the uk today is bums who have no intention of finding a job because its beneath them and the other half are smack eds. the youth don't respect their elders and their kids will grow up twice as bad.
If you smoke weed which you can tell most people on this site do don't bother to reply. Some of the conspiracies on here are interesting but others are total b*******.

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Mate no one with a brain would ever think the british soldiers are there to help, but you know as well you should not be there in the first place, innocent soldiers and civilians have lost their lives because of corrupt greedy nations wanting a piece of oil and those civilians are going to get massacred anyway when the forces pull out and when they really need protection this corrupt government will look the other way, mate we respect men and women like you, it is the f=====s who put you there in the first place we are pi--ed of with.

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26 May 2013 13:47:56
Nail on the head frankie mate!

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Don't you mean re-build the infrastructure that was systematically destroyed in the build up to the invasion? And let's not forget the Taliban had no presence in Iraq until it was invaded by the allied forces. I don't smoke myself, but if others do, that's their business and none of mine.


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Any anger is aimed, as Franky points out, at the people who put you and your comrades in these conflicts. Nobody in their right mind would blame the soldiers on the front line, you are simply doing the job you have been employed to do. You're right to say that you are helping to rebuild the infrastructure of Iraq etc but if these greedy clowns did not attack these places in the first instance then there would be no help required. I don't think you can, however, state that half of the uk are bums and the other as smack heads. The current economical climate here is tough, even menial jobs are attracting applications in their thousands. Some will be bone idle and not want to work and some will be addicted to drugs or drink. These are problems that can be found throughout the world. For everyone of them you will find plenty of decent and normal people.
The lack of respect from the youth of today is a worry. Not so long ago, we did as we were told by the adults with no questions asked. Getting a smack off your parents was punishment for wrong doing, it taught us not to misbehave. Until they give back parents the power to chastise their children then we will see no change in kids attitudes.

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Don't see how smoking weed should have a bearing on whether someone replies to a post or not. You are pigeon wholling people and saying they have no idea what servicemen do in places like Irag and then not wanting weed smokers too reply, due to the fact you think we are all doll bludging wastes of time. Although on a completely different scale, your view on all weed smokers is as uneducated and offensive as saying people think you guys do no good overseas.

Melbourne CFC

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Can't believe a squaddie is on here calling people drug abusers lol! 99% of squaddies that I know (and I know quite a few) are the very last people who should be critical. My guess is this one must be an officer!

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Osama bin laden built roads in afghanistan, the only job your there to do is to justify an invasion to install a puppet government probably to control the flow of global opium, and statistics show that more people are being killed in afghanistan now then prior to our invasion. Although soilders can't be held responsible for their nations actions your are ultimately contributing to further provocation in a country that has been warring virtually all its existence

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If that Soldier is still around, please read this recent piece by John Pilger and, if you're able to, tell me that such actions in Iraq can't be reasonably or legally labelled an attempt at genocide:

If you find the article hard to digest, may I suggest a joint will help?


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26 May 2013 10:47:06
this country can no longer be called 'great' britain anymore. what is great about it? no trust. no loyalty. no protection. we pay taxes towards state funerals and the nursing of terrorists. the government lies to us on a daily basis and do nothing to protect us from terror. I for one am very nervous/scared for my sons life who is only 2, what kind of a world he has to grow up in to. serving your country is no longer an honourable job to some. what did our fathers and grandfathers fight for 70 years ago? is this freedom? being scared to walk home from a pub 10 mins from your house or wonder down a street you have never been down before because of the colour of your skin?

this country is destined for a number of civil wars all to do with what people call 'religion?

god made us a paradise which we have as humans in the last 2000 years have destroyed.

we are devoloping a space program to attempt to colonise other worlds, what right have we if we can't even co exist on our current one?

it makes me so sad that this is the kind of world we live in where race, religion, gender, sex preference etc are judged and used to promote violence

good luck to all


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Good post deakko7 I think we are a dying breed, go back twenty years ago you knew who were the nutters now it is try to find a chilled group or pub, I have daughters and always checking up if they are going out etc and thought I wish I had boys because they would be ok to look after themselves but the way gang culture is, it is a lot safer being a girl than a boy.
not sure what we can do to stop it.

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The world is in major debt because of greedy fat cats who have to much money to spend, there are few rich people with these kinds of money who have earned their money through inventions as such eg bill gates, it is a conspiracy that the world is run behind the scenes deciding the fate of every nation whether it be recession or election etc. i'm guessing its a matter of time before the next world war. would we stand up and fight for our country? I myself am a patriot and would die for the british crown whilst they sat back but I would not die for this government. we are slowly spiralling towards a country where there will be an uprising and things will get serious I just hope aliens come to our planet before then!

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Mate a patriot questions everything about his own country, to me royality are just the same as governments, a selected bloodline that lives by its own rules.

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Dissension is the highest form of patriotism.

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