Conspiracy Talk Archive November 26 2011


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26 Nov 2011 19:28:28
Just look for ufo Liverpool old swan, I have my username the same as in here, cheers guys . Frankyscouse
Hey edd have uploaded. YouTube sighting,

{Ed033's Note - Here it is -

Pity you didn't call the ufo down like James Gilliland used to do at his ranch - Contact Has Begun documentary -

I am gutted I could not zoom in, soz lads maybe next time if I am lucky, . Frankyscouse

I checked your vid out it looks like a reflection. did you have your window closed?


Looks like a chinese lantern Franky.


Frankyscouse I am not necessarily saying it wasn't a UFO but you do know that at the time you filmed this, there were loads of people sending up chinese candles or whatever they're called?