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26 Oct 2011 19:12:29
Hiya eds. Not been liking the Jewish comments but each to there own. What do you think to this haarp machine/weapon ?? Some strange vids in the tube....odd cloud pattern, birds dropping from the skies and fish dying......I have read its something to do with antennas shooting powerful radio waves into the sonisphere.....what's your thought guys ??

Matty b {Ed033's Note - Apparently now the chinese have got their own Haarp type system called The Meridian and they are chuffed with it as it can not only affect weather on Earth but can affect space above the Earth to help their space program -

In addition, the Haarp type systems can allegedly affect our emotions and possibly cause earthquakes and volcanos to erupt as well.}

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Haarp was invented by tesla. Look him up. Lots of conspiracys about his inventions.

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Geese, theres some odd stuff going on, thought tesla had something to do with it. ill have a look at the chinese one.

any other wierd stuff i can look at that hasnt been mentioned on here.....i would say we have covered 85% of them on here over the month or so......great work eds. the site has grown so much, i have been visiting this site for years....well the football rumours as was back then....well done to the lot of you.

matty b

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Just commenting on the tesla referece and feel obliged to aknowledge his greatness. Why he is not revered as the greatest inventor of the modern world is a conspiricy in its sef. From the aforementioned harp to studies on occillation to the deathray wireless power and the more practical ac electricity and halogen bulbs he was truly gifted with special knowledge {Ed001's Note - the best thing about Tesla was his lack of greed, everything he discovered he gave to the world for free, to use and improve as we wished. Unfortunately greedy fakes, such as Edison, would then patent his designs and sell them to us for huge sums.}

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26 Oct 2011 16:53:22
thanks ed for putting up the views of these people. Sickening to see such views. {Ed001's Note - it is worrying that some people believe that it didn't happen at all. Yes there are a few inconsistencies in the figures given of the dead, but that's because they are estimates! No one even knows how many Gypsies are around now, let alone back then, so how would they know how many were wiped out? Same with Jews etc, there is no definite way of knowing how many people were killed. If it happened today in this country, we would find it very difficult to know how many people were killed, especially if it was a group of people seen as outsiders, such as Eastern Europeans. No one actually knows how many of them are in the UK, the only way to know how many were killed would be if the killers get records and we got our hands on them. I don't know why people think there is something dodgy about figures being revised on something like this. The figures will always be an educated guess.}

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As someone said earlier, a lot of records got destroyed either accidently or deliberately.

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Blaming stuff on The Jews is ridiculous in itself as people who happen to choose Judaism as their faith are just like everyone else. They get up i the morning go to work, look after their children and go to bed. Their is no conspiracy in being Jewish. If the person who originally posted blaming the Jews had just said check out the 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion', then maybe we could have had a decent discussion.

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Try looking at the Talmud . It will sicken you .

Any followers of Judaism care to comment ?

jimi88 (atheist , not an anti-semite)

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Granted there are evil people at the top every religious sect to condemn a whole people is ludacris. Also i find the term Atheist rather fallable. EVERYONE serves something be it a God, money, government for socialists, or even subatomic particles.

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I know its off key but does anyone know why the word pyky (spelling) is a slur or slanderous to gypsies/ travellers i had one explanation by someone about it being about a reference to the pikemen but not convinced. Can anyone explain as i have been intrigued with this one for a while.
cheers stuart

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26 Oct 2011 13:44:06
well i'm disgusted by mr holocaust denier. Try taking a trip out to poland and looking at the place. They dynamited the incriminating parts. Also they killed people at more than one place. If anything the figures given are too low. Records in the rural soviet union were not well kept in places and mostly destroyed.

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The red cross has all the official records of the deaths but hav not releasaed them, i suppose it has nothin to do with jews havin most of the worlds power and wealth {Ed001's Note - not every Jew is rich, you clearly know nothing other than BNP propaganda.}

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Of course every jew is not rich, not every jew is only out 4 thr own personal gain, but the one who are the reason behind much evil on this beautiful planet, and 2 make this clear i am not a holocaust denier, jus think alot of what we hav been told is lies and does not add up, an none of my reasoning is unfounded, one of my close friends is a university lecturer who specialises in world war 2 and in prticular hitler, and over the years he has stumbled across many lies about hitler and the war, all i am sayin is that we are still bein lied 2 today about events many years ago, and one day the TRUTH about everything will be told, with many surprses, i can assure u, and i had hoped and thought tht other open minded people like myself might b interested in knowing such things as its enormity in human history, but a guess not everyone is as open minded as they thought

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I'm not defending this guy but if he has a point about the 'gas' chambers and lack of proof then maybe he is on to something, if he hasn't then someone needs to prove him wrong with some actual facts and that ends any agruement. I do happen to believe that what Hitler was searching for was very idealistic but he went about it very wrong, very very wrong......

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Below the offices where I work is a small chemical work shop (which we now use for storage), previously owned by `ICI` & before them a German company `Degussa`. I was informed by the landlord - now in his 80`s that `zyklon b`, a Chlorine based chemical, was produced there. It was touted as a pesticide but was mass produced in Germany for the `extermination` - for want of a better word - of the Jewish in concentration camps.

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1. How would the red cross have the records? yes they inspected the POW camps to make sure the allied pisoners (specifically the western ones like british, french, american ones etc) were well treated. But i can't exactly see the nazi's saying "o hello mr red cross man would you like a trip to poland to visit our death camps?"

Most of the records kept by the nazi's were destroyed as the russians closed in. many of them rightly feared the noose after the war for what had happened.

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Quick search on yahoo images:


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I'd like to know the name of this university lecturer.

Give us the name, let us check him out, after all as univeristy lecturer he shgould have some published work where he can lay out his evidence.

Come on dude share the knowledge, i have an open mind.

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2 quick comments on the original poster
1) U said the evil minority of the jewish people are responsible for MOST of the problems on earth. Just as much evil can be attributed those claiming to be Christian, Muslim, and even Hindu. Finding 1 simple scapegoat is convienient but erronious.
2) Just because some facts came from a proff. investigating lies about Hitler means relatively nothing. If you enter an investigation trying to prove a certain point you schew the evidence in that direction very easily. Its a very common practice employed by prosecutions everday

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26 Oct 2011 12:34:36
hows about this 4 a conspiracy, hitler WAS the good guy in the 2nd world war, think about it the nazis basically invented thre modern world, b4 the war he took germany from a recession and created millions of jobs, sorted out there economyb4 bein dragged into war, germany back then was very much like america 2ay with jews, rothschilds, rockerfellers, controlling media and banking but hitler was brave enough 2 stop wat was happeninig unlike our untrustworthy leaders today, he almost always told the truth to his loving public, he was deeply religoius, and here is the icing on the cake, auschwitz once said tht about 4 million jews died there, bt then the plaque was later changed 2 read 2 million approx, but the officail 6 million jews died story stayed the same, how can this be, also ther is no evidence of gas bein used at auschwitz, how can this be if so many were gassed? also why is it only jews we r asked 2 remember and sympathise for wen others, blacks gypsies serbs etc were also killed ?? and why is therno mention of gas chambers in the books churchill and others wrote of the war, these stories appeared on mass several years later ?? also my great grandfather fought in africa against the nazis so b4 u acuse me of racism or anyhting else i thought i better let u no tht, wat does use think do ur own research i done mine ! {Ed001's Note - there is plenty of evidence of gassing, where do you think the chlorine we put in our water comes from? That's right, it is the same stuff that was used to gas people in Nazi Germany.}

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I think u mean fluoride, not chlorine in the water, n that is poisoning not gassing, also the qiuckness of your reply suggests u havenot looked this up but used prior knowledge u think u knew, from school maybe, but remember the victors write the history, has anyone found any evidence of zyclone b in tthe so called gas chambers ??? {Ed001's Note - actually I mean chlorine, and no they do not tell you that in school, it is not exactly something they want you to know is it? Flouride comes from the waste products of mines, yes it is poisonous but it is not the same as chlorine. You clearly need to do your research mate.}

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I've read your post. And I politely disagree. How can anyone who ordered cold-blooded murder be a "Good Guy"? And FWIW, I do know about the Allied fire bombings so don't claim that we were whiter-then-white.

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Put it this way, if hitler had carried his final solution, would the world be a better place ?? look what the israelis are doin 2 palestine, and the whole new wolrd order illuminati stuff what names keep croppin up , rockerfeller rothschilds, JEWS, who owns media , banking,JEWS, who gains from the illegal wars , jews, also rothschild had a pateneted type of oil that the nazis needed for ther u boats and fighter planes, he literally gained from both america and germany during the war, he enabled the enemy now look at how much power they have , germany was once like america 2day, but hitler had had enuff, now america is the place where the jews continue ther evil plan, but now they are better prepared for another uprising and hav the blueprint of germany 2 use 2 ther advantage

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What has brought about all these cretinous anti-jewish remarks ?
These posts (not just this one above) read like something from a fascist pamphlet.
No - I am not jewish and I have no
connection to anyone who is jewish
So I have no axe to grind - but where has all this poison come from... schools
have a lot to answer for !!

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Stuff like this really pisses me off! Couldn't care less if it was Jews, Muslims, Chinese, Black whatever, people do not deserve to be treated like that! Exterminated because of Victorian racial theory claptrap.

Man's darkest chapter, open the dictionary and evil shoud just have a picture of Birkenau.

And no i'm not Jewish. Did go out with one once.

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Maybe zionism. bit mental to blame jews in general. you need to find the line between questioning and denying.


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The jews are as manipulated as much as we are by the NWO, its Baverian Zionists who are the baddies not the Jews.

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Above poster, not bavarian zionists-it is khazar zionists you should be refering too.
Youtube Khazaria, make you wake up!

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Hows about this 4 a conspiracy, hitler WAS the good guy in the 2nd world war, think about it the nazis basically invented thre modern world

Just had another read there and I wanna stick my oar in again. The whole idea of good guys and bad guys is hilarious. It's bad guys vs bad guys. Good guys don't do war, armies, governments, spies, spin etc....

And that's why it will never change.

What some people describe as "evil" can not be fought without letting go of morality. Who's the good guy then?


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26 Oct 2011 11:47:56
What does everyone think about these reptoids? im hearing more and more about them but think they're absurd. I mean, i love conspiracies, 9/11, roswell, etc. but this just seems like stupidity.

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Hi Mate, read about the sumerian tablets or Zacheria Sitchin's book about the Annunaki. These are the reptoid's ni think you are referring to.

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Anunnaki are not reptiles and sitchen never said they were. This disinfo was put out out there to discredit the Anunnaki theory. They are basically like us as we were apparently made in their image if the Sumerians are to be believed.



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26 Oct 2011 11:38:08
Read an article in the Sun yesterday about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun staging their suicides and fleeing to Argentina. Anyone think this happened?

Mark67 {Ed033's Note - Apparently a Hitler double was killed in the bunker and the real Adolph Hitler was first taken to Spain then moved from Spain to Argentina where he allegedly had a daughter and died in the 1970s. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell started saying a short while ago that he was starting to believe that Hitler went to Argentina after ww2.}

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Cheers Ed, sounds quite likely IMO. The evidence that he died seems a bit flawed to say the least, particularly the fact the bodies were burned. Good site by the way although It could mess your head up a bit.

Mark67 {Ed001's Note - hopefully one day we will be able to know for sure, sad that people can't trust the 'official' line as they lie to us so much. Someone like him should never have the chance to escape justice.}

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One of the first posts i read on here was about him escpaing to south america, colombia or venezuala i think disguised as a priest of all people. {Ed033's Note - I think Dr. Joseph P. Farrell said that allegedly Martin Bormann also escaped ww2 and sometime after ww2 walked into a swiss bank and tried to cash in a gold bond that was for more gold than supposedly exists and this is why it was questioned and not cashed in. This could lead onto that there maybe more gold about than officially exists which is known as black gold -

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The Russians quickly removed and destroyed any remains to "prevent any kind of hero worship". Sound familiar. Think about Gadaffi, think about Hussain...
No, Hitler had too much information to be left alive.


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