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26 Oct 2012 18:13:30
Another 9/11 Film is: Loose Change by Dylan Avery

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26 Oct 2012 16:56:26
i think watergate was a set up. Nixon knew too much, as he himself said he knew every dirty american secret from the fifties onwards. And he'd started asking awkward questions about the Kennedy assassination. I think he suspected what went on. Anyway he was trying to get congress to reopen the case and do a proper job after the farce that was the Warren Commission. Then comes watergate. The timing is too funny. I think it was deliberately botched to get rid of Nixon. People like Hunt and Sturgis had been involved with the cia for over a decade. Nixon used them as he was familiar with them and they were supposed to be reliable. Yet they get caught. Its too fishy to me.

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26 Oct 2012 08:27:22
OK, here's one:
British Oil Executive, Nicholas Mockford was shot dead in front of his wife after leaving a restuarant in Belgium on the 14th of October. Belgian police only confirmed this yesterday.
Mockford worked for ExxonMobil and was head of marketing for interim technologies for ExxonMobil Chemicals, Europe, promoting new types of greener fuel.
The Belgian prosecutor's office said last night that there was a "judicial instruction" from Martine Quintin, the investigating judge, that meant they could give no "explanation" and no detail about the killing, which a spokesman said was "usual in such a serious murder investigation".
He was shot 3 times, and the killer escaped on a motorbike.
Does this sound like a hit to prevent greener, non-fossil fuels being announced, or am I reading too much into this?

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Yes i agree its so fishy u could direct jaws 5 in there cop shop. motor bike! 3 gun shots! ok not JFK but come on he DID know something about green tecnoligy that someone found it could hurt there profit, ie the British gov.

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Who says it was govt? Could easily have been any one of half a dozen private energy companies? Some of which rae tied to the Kremlin, and we know they are not afraid of bumping people off and have previous...

Sometimes its not always the most obvious solution.

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Well you can take full confidence in UK journalism with this one as I have heard absolutely nothing in the mainstream news about it. Usually means someone is trying to make it go away quietly. If anyone has any links on this subject would they please share?


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Got to agree as am gobsmacked Martin Brunt (sky news) is not all over it. Total cover up, honestly it boils my piss.

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