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26 Sep 2011 21:59:57
Great site ed.
I am posting for 1st time so bare with me.
On 9/11 please read what's on site.
For humanity sakes I hope american govt. Did not do this but in the end every one deserves to make their own mind.
In 9/11 and after that lots of precious human life has been lost.

Trust me when I say this there is bigger worry then finacial debt facing world today and that is iraq and afghanistan.
Bush has created a mess that will feed haters for years to come and they will go after more innocent lifes.
We all will be a sitting ducks and may be due to geographics america will be spared but rest of world will pay.
I just wish man wakes up and realize that out there is whole universe left to be explored and found but we have to work with each other and stop squabling.
God bless all.
Red indian {Ed033's Note - My opinion, the whole point of 9/11 was to advance the agenda through the divide and conquer system / creating a fictitious enemy (Al-Qaeda) which would hopefully for them become a real enemy. Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo these kind of things -

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Red Indian

If only man could stop their petty squabbling, we'd be living in a much better world.
A world where man appreciates one another and each ones worth.
I long to see that day, and hope that if I don't live to see it, that my children do.



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If you look at all the laws passed by the American government after 9/11 taking away a lot of basic human rights, the question is did they do it themselves or use it to their advantage.

And before anyone dismisses them doing it themselves, how many towers we destroyed that day?

always a red

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Complete Original '07 Zeitgeist With 2010 Updates by: Peter Joseph

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26 Sep 2011 21:20:42
Hi all,

I posted on here not long ago something generic about facebook being a data mining tool. Obvious it would have been. I was actually trying to establish whether or not Mark Zuckerberg really created it or if that was all bull.

Anyhow I watcheda pretty mad video I think I may have posted a link too where a woman tells you who owns what, I think it was for facebook anyway, and I've just been presented with this link by a mate:


Raz {Ed033's Note - Everywhere you go and everything you do online is tracked and logged by facebook, google, government agencies etc. It's no surprise to me.}

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In honesty I didn't read the article until after I posted... and error I won't repeat, that was a distinctly average link, sorry all!

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26 Sep 2011 18:11:57
I saw a post wondering How aids started on this site the other day now i dont know if this is true but apparently they have pinpointed where the aids virus began and it was a small part of africa unfortunately i cannot remember the exact place, but the USA had a chemical testing dome set up in the same area, i believe it was roughly 10 miles into the desert, they tested their viruses on monkeys and a few escaped, they think that someone had been scratched or bitten by the escaped monkey who had been infected with the virus

The Beef Underneath {Ed033's Note - This is the type of story you are supposed to believe how HIV/AIDS started but there is too much evidence that it is an engineered man made virus -

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Ed forgive me if I am wrong but I think that's what the poster is saying no? that it may have been man made and given to monkeys....
Raz {Ed033's Note - I may have misread it slightly but what I was saying is that the media put out the bogus story that humans got HIV/AIDS from monkeys and that is what they want you to believe when in fact the evidence shows that HIV/AIDS is man made and was injected into people such as when the World Health Organisiation went around Africa to stop small pox and was also injected into people when a hepatitis scare was spread around the homosexual community in the 1980's and these homosexuals such as libarce, freddie mercury, rock hudson etc. decided to get a vaccine that they thought was to prevent them getting hepatitis but in fact they were allegedly injected with HIV/AIDS instead.

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Ahhh yeah I see what you mean. Well that is the debate I suppose ins't it. I have grown up very distrusting and cynical person and would like on the WHO theory more than the accidental monkey b****cks.

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25 Sep 2011 23:59:43
Anyone seen the film called Moon?

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{Ed033's Note - Yes I have seen Moon. Here is the trailer for the film -

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What did you think Ed? I watched it last night, quite liked it, and it immediately got me thinking about this page for some reason.
Raz {Ed033's Note - I think that companies/corporations if given a free hand will do anything to make an extra cent/penny even if that is to the detriment of the people. The statute law/regulations that the government in westminster creates are only for corporations and should be created to protect people from corporations and to benefit the people. People need to realise that the people come first and corporations come nowhere. We are in trouble as people if we think they corporations can and should put money before the people. If not, the people become slaves to the corporations rather than corporations benefitting the people.}

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