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26 Sep 2013 22:14:09
samantha lewthwaite, if you agree like me 7/7 was a inside job why would Interpol put a world wide search out for this women and her kids?something about this stinks.

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I think it's just the government trying to play different religions off against one another.

Whilst all the religions are fighting amongst themselves, the secret government can go about their business a little easier.

For years they played off different ethnicities against one another and now that's run it's course, religion takes over.

That's just my opinion.

I really don't believe anything like this is 'real' anymore.


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Very true ken, divide and conquer, as David icke mentions they create a problem then it seems they are solving the problem but I think this case is a bit more to it, for instance was the CIA/ mi6/ mossad keeping this women warm to use in the future? or was she going to go public about her husbands death and it might have been sensitive?who knows?i really think 7/7 was allowed or was a inside job and lewthwaite husband was used in some capacity as a patsy and sorry most wanted woman on the planet, has no one heard of condalisa rice? right guys off with Mrs frankyscouse and friends for a weekend break, will be back online sometime Sunday adios!

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One of the outrageous lies made against her is that she was coaching her own all-women jihadist squad in Somalia. Equally pathetic was saying that anti-terror police found chemicals in her home in Mombasa that were identical to those her husband used at King's Cross on 7/7.

Saddest part of all is that an awful lot of people believe this rubbish.


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I think Samantha Lewthwaite knows something that the Government might not want to be told, that's my gut feeling anyway.

I don't think she has actually done anything wrong and if she was such a 'terrorist' they would have found her as they know where pretty much anyone on earth is (thanks Google/ NSA etc).

The question is what does she know?

I think you could be right Franky about her knowing something to do with 9/11.

This whole Mall attack, bomb plots etc. could just be the government trying to turn the public against her and to discredit anything she may come out with in the future.

After all, not many members of the public will believe a 'terrorist' over their government.


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28 Sep 2013 21:19:51
Or maybe she is guilty. Whether the authorities planned the tube bombs or knew of them and turned a blind eye as it served their purpose her bag husband was still a bomber.

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I think she is in tandom with the government/CIA

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26 Sep 2013 09:59:05
Just seen some videos on the false flag attack on the Kenyan mall. absolutely appalling the lengths our governments go to control our minds!

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Any links to the videos?


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