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27 Apr 2012 15:15:01
Hey Ed just wandering your View on Crop circles , do you think there man made , and you got a decent utube clip?

{Ed033's Note - Almost all of the crop circles are man made. What's happening is this; to hide the genuine non man made crop circles, government agencies pay 1 or more groups of human people to make crop circles. i'll have to find a youtube clip

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I remember years ago and it must be over 16 years ago a crop circle was found in swamp land in america and the reeds had been moved in a circular motion as if pushed by some kind of energy field and none of them had been snapped unlike in man made ones...

The Bailiff

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{Ed033's Note - Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth - Part 1 of 6

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27 Apr 2012 06:18:53
After skimming through the sea of garbage on this site, I'd like to say-you guys are crazy...look at yourself in the mirror and ask hd you really believe these conspiracies or you just write this for internet fame/trolling/fun.

ps-if anyone thinks that I'm the blind one here than point me to any popular incident involving conspiracy with evidence {Ed001's Note - are you for real? So you think JFK was really shot by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone? Do you think Marilyn Monroe died in exactly the way it was claimed? I am embarrassed for you if you do.}

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Hi edd's i reckon this site is really good some of the post's are real eye openers.You must be both blind and a little crazy not to think otherwise!

redblancmonge {Ed001's Note - I can understand someone saying they don't believe a lot of it, but there are some things even the most blinkered of people have to accept are conspiracies. Just look at all the years we were told margarine was the healthy option, even though they knew it wasn't all along.}

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If you have read some of the post on this site implies that you are interested in some of the views? personally if i think something is a load of rubbish i would not be on the site reading it and second i would deffo not bothering posting a comment.your in denial my friend .

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Ah, probably to ignorant to locate the truth and would rather be fed s**te from the government and media. Enjoy it.


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You mr unnamed poster are the poster child for the dumbed down lady gaga mtv propaganda agendas. Its a shame the population is made up of stupid idiots like you.


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He probably thinks our troops are in Afghan fighting a war on terror, and santa is making next years toys in greenland.


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I think the government have finally twigged that this site is 'enlightening' too many people, and they've hired this muppet as a disinfo specialist haha

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I think people on here are just a bit too concerned with disbelieving the government rather than rationally assessing the reliability of the conspiracy theories they subscribe to. Yes, a certain proportion (no-one can accurately predict to what extent) of what the mainstream media reports is distorted, or even out-right censored, to support the stance they wish to impose. However, this does not mean that EVERYTHING reported in the media is a lie and, with the improved connectivity provided by the internet, it is increasingly difficult for the government to pull the wool over the public's eyes.

Rather than assessing each individual case on its own merits, the general attitude on this site is to instantly accept conspiracy theories on the sole ground that they contradict the current paradigm. Just because something is reported in mainstream media does not intrinsically imply it's untrue. I think people underestimate how easy it is, given access to the internet and a functioning brain, to create a conspiracy theory from nothing. If I wanted to suggest the 2011 tsunami that hit Japan was in fact produced by subterranean nuclear detonations aimed at crippling Japan's energy sector, I could undoubtedly find "evidence" to support the hypothesis, make a few barely-bearable Youtube videos and post it here. People would lap it up. Sure, some conspiracy theories are probably true, but the polarised stances adopted here clearly show they swallow up these alternative hypotheses as blindly as others absorb mainstream media.

That said, I really enjoy this site and some of the debates it inspires.


{Ed033's Note - One of the reasons why the world is in such a mess is because virtually everyone apart from those few that have "woken up", believe the propaganda in the main stream media so never go onto the world wide web to take a second look at anything in the main stream media.

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Rikki you are living in cuckoo land. You can use all the unecessary clever words as you like but it doesnt hide the fact that you are in total denial.

Conspiracy theorists is a term created by mainstream media to describe people that do not adopt mainstream conventional schools of thought.

It is not about finding conspiracy in everything, it is about following the facts mate. Its simple, follow the facts.

For example the media are trying their best to explain the death of the MI6 guy found in a holdall as a sex game gone wrong when it is clear to anyone of moderate intelligence that he was murdered by extremely professional may call me a conspiracy theorist for believing this but I would say I am just assessing the facts logically.

How can a fully grown man squeeze himself into a bag and lock it from the outside? Doesnt make sense and in life when things do not make sense then something is invariable wrong.

Yes of course you can dream up a conspiracy for anything but you cannot create facts out of thin air, if you assess the facts of 9/11 for example then you will understand that there is more evidence to suggest a conspiracy than there is to support the official story of what occurred that day.

It takes an intelligent and evolved human being to question my experience people like you always end up waking up from their hynoptic state eventually anyways.

Just remember that you cannot deny facts...


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Well put j, if everything was black and white we would believe what our government tells us,we would take opinions of murdochs papers and finally we would willingly accept a 25 pound charge if we are overdrawn,the world is corrupt and certain people will do anything to keep people quiet.

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Typical sheep all ive got to say...i cant even be bothered to educate a complete an utter waste of oxygen as you ..ignorance is a terrible disease ...

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First time poster here, I thought I'd say that whilst I think some of the more established theories regarding 9/11, JFK and the recent MI6 agent's death are all correct, I find it hard to believe some of the theories that do get posted on here, such as the whole Ark of the Covenant/Alien Jesus thing, some of it is fairly far fetched and tends to contradict itself a little. But otherwise a really good site!

{Ed033's Note - I've removed the Alien Jesus thing because it never went anywhere

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