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27 Apr 2013 12:14:36
So, they've "found" what looks to be the landing gear of a jet between two buildings in New York, near 9/11 GZ. How convenient.
Did they not search the area meticulously after the event? Especially after the cleanup.
It apparantely has a Boeing Serial number on it too.
It's got hardly any dust from the building collapse on it either, it's just all a bit too flippin convenient for me.
Rubbing chin in a conspiratorial manner.

I couldn't help but laugh tbh

It looks a bit ropey to me. Ryan.

27 Apr 2013 15:27:02
It is a huge chuck of metal to have not been noticed all this time!


{Ed033's Note - Why didn't it turn to dust like most of the other metal in the twin towers?

Why does it matter that it's only just been found now? I am a little confused as to why this is a conspiracy

No name, 11 years and nobody has spotted it before? the roofs don't even have a scratch. and it had rope around it like it had been lowered in.


Okay, that wasn't what I asked. I was genuinely intrigued by why would they put it there? We saw the planes crash into the tower, I believe it was a false flag but why does finding a undercarriage now matter?


{Ed033's Note - What we definitely saw on tv / video with the 2nd plane and what appeared to happen with the 1st plane was both planes completely "melted" into the 2 towers. What we didn't see was any part of any of the 2 planes break off prior to "melting" into the 2 towers. If you watch the below video, you can clearly see the 2nd plane "melts" into the tower. this is because this is not a real passenger airplane.

Ed is right if a big hunk of metal that is a passenger jet hit a building that high more than just landing gear would have fallen to the floor, as ED33 states it just melts into the building, I have studied engineering albeit not to a degree level but have worked with metals, it is plausible that the aluminium parts would melt on impact, however planes still contain large parts made from steel and other hard metals all of these would have come crashing down, if you look at just about every air accident the engines always survive in some form even when ploughing into the ground at 400mph, jet engine blades are made from super alloys which makes them tougher than most metals they would not just turn to dust. Jonty

Ok, I appreciate this and thanks for the link (some bedtime watching). What I'm trying to understand is, what will be achieved by putting landing gear on a roof?


{Ed033's Note - In an attempt to silence the people coming around to the ideas in the only scientific study to be carried out on 911, which is Judy Wood's book, Where Did The Towers Go

Judy Wood Where Did The Towers Go

This was the main reason I got into conspiracy theories. I was only a very young teen when this happened so at the time was just a plane crash. A few years later I watched loose change on you tube for just a nosey at first but then for me it opened a lot of doors. i'm sure edd and the rest of you can tell me more to watch but it has never added up.


Not sure it's plausible for aluminium to melt on impact, but it does appear to melt here because it's a hologram. Anyone who hasn't watched September Clues you're in for a treat. They offer the most compelling argument.

Also, if for a moment you want to run with the idea that airliners actually hit the towers, then you have to consider that the landing gear is retracted and it would have to have detached itself from the aircraft, plough through the building unscathed and still have sufficient momentum to exit the other side of the tower, fly through the air and land without anyone noticing it. Oh, and grab a rope en route.


Are you saying that they projected some form of hologram? As there are hundreds if not thousands of eye witnesses?

{Ed033's Note - They used black technology on 9/11. If you can turn the concrete and steel in the towers to dust using an "energy weapon" (as in Judy Wood's book) you can probably make a grey object appear in the sky that has a plane shape to it. We don't know about the level of black technology this group has (obviously Al Queda doesn't have this technology). All of the videos of the 2nd plane never show anything but a plain grey plane (that I have seen), even in full sunlight. If it was a real boeing passenger airplane, we would see it in all its correct colours in full sunlight.

I am shocked I have never noticed this. I am an airport firefighter and the construction of planes have titanium, steel etc and a lot of it to be able to deal with the vast heat generated in engines and steel from wing tip to wing tip called the main plane. The debris this would produce on impact would be incredible. The fact the plane just vanishes into solid concrete with ease just indicates how much of a farce this whole event was.

So where are all the people that was on these flights.

{Ed033's Note - Good question and there could be multiple answers. There were multiple military drills on the day of 911 and people were taking part in drills. It's possible that the people taking part in the drills signed non disclosure forms and they were on the actual planes and were diverted to military airports and let off as part of the drill.

It's possible that the actual planes were diverted to a military base and the passengers were killed on the military base.

Who knows, but planes don't "melt" into buildings then blow up when they've been completely absorbed into the building (which is what we saw). It's obvious they would start breaking up on impact, and that's not what we saw.

I think the real planes are sitting in the Atlantic ocean.


Do you honestly believe that they didn't crash the planes? Surly it would be far easier to get someone to crash the planes into the towers than put a hologram up and get rid of the planes anyway?

{Ed033's Note - The first thing to do is stop thinking and start looking at the 2nd alleged plane that flew into the tower. Planes don't melt into buildings and when they have been totally absorbed into the building, then burst into flames. That's what we were shown on tv/video.

If it was a plane, then the plane would have broke up on impact (that's not what we saw), so something else happened, and we don't know exactly what.

Just to add insult to injury we are expected to believe that not one but four airliners crashed and vaporised in one morning. Do you really think Flight 93 hit the ground in Shanksville and vaporised? The crater we were shown has been there for decades. There was no debris consistent with a large aircraft. No matter how hard it hits the ground it cannot simply be swallowed up by the earth and disappear.

And AA77 crashed into the Pentagon and vaporised too? The one place that was literally littered with CCTV cameras and it couldn't show one image of an airliner hitting the building. The exit hole was 9 feet in diameter. And the entry hole was similar in dimensions before the outer wall collapsed.

So for the first time in history three steel framed buildings collapsed at almost freefall speed (and mostly disappeared) due to fire. And four airliners crashed and vaporised.

They think we are all completely stupid and for twelve years they've been getting away with it.


Ok cool, appreciate the replays. Still a little confused as to why though? Would it not be easier to just actually crash the planes?

I believe it is a massive cover up 100% no doubt in me.


The reason they didn't use real planes was that if they did, there would have been videos showing a plane hitting the building then crumpling then falling to the ground, a bit like a fly hitting a wall.
As for releasing the discovery of landing gear. well we're not discussing Boston at the moment are we.


You just hit the nail on the head MrTrotskyGhost. Ryan.

A don't get it if 9/11 was faked why would america kill their own people that were in the towers

SM they don't care who they killed it was what they wanted to destroy & how they wanted to fortify there grip on mankind!

Rise & Shine

I think y'all doing a disservice to osama the man had a burning hatred of america and now he's 'dead' your taking all the credit away from him shame on all of you, can't radical islamists avenge their millions of dead brothers and sisters and ascend to paradise without nutters like yourselves pissing on their bonfire :D