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27 Dec 2011 21:05:27
Bit quiet on here of late, Il get it rolling again with something new, Ed, fellow readers, anyone, are you familiar with the supposed 'technological singularity'. il try to explain briefly if you arent, its the point where computer intellect surpasses human intellect, apparantley this will rapidly lead to a unstoppable mega explosion of new intelligence, it will grow so quickly we (humans) wont be able to comprehend it, and will NEVER catch up or overtake its knowledge. its impossible to even begin to predict what will happen after the 'singularity', everything will change as we know it and it is absoloutley inevitable. I find it very fascinating, apparantley this is very close to happening, if it hasnt already happened, maybe when we talk about e.t's being thousand of years infront, they arent, they just 'exploded' after there singularity just like we will soon. Maybe its already happened and its a massive cover up job to keep this explosion of new technology and knowledge under raps, sort of like the black technology the ed mentioned recently, Anyone else know anything about this, like to add theories or anything about it, Cheers


{Ed033's Note - The following could be new info coming out on this subject soon. Anthony Sanchez is allegedly going to release information on this subject in January 2012 via his research into Project Leonid. This project allegedly concerns, self aware, ET, artificial intelligence NWO black technology weaponry in Earth orbit that could at any point turn on us and use this weaponry against us. Obviously you would have to take this info with a large pinch of salt as a lot of this info comes from "insider sources" which is notoriously full of disinfo. The below radio interviews with Anthony Sanchez touch on Project Leonid but is mostly about his book UFO highway.

Red Ice Creations - -

Project Camelot -

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Sorry I haven't been around much guys, I did the typical cliched investigate conspiracy theories and then get a bit depressed when you realise just how fecked up the world is, but more importantly, how many people just don't give a flying feck.


{Ed033's Note - Obviously evil has got a major hold of our system and if only a minute fraction of 1% of the population can realise this so we cannot diminish the evil then we are a failed species.}

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Anthony sanchez was supposed to be in a bad way when he touched a metal object near dulce a month ago or so,is he ok?he sounded really scared when i heard the conversation he had on project camelot.

{Ed033's Note - He is quite a bit better now. He said some healers helped him.}

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Thats good news about sanchez edd, and raz dont dispair ,i generally think there is a monentum building with sites like this project camelot/above top secreat and and most inportantly the internet, without that there would be only a fraction of us that what relize whats going on.

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27 Dec 2011 12:42:25
Is this site shut down for the festive period? Or are the eds just blankin us? Theres a conspiracy

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They've all been taken away by the Men In Black....

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27 Dec 2011 01:13:01
Whats happend to this site over crimbo time have all the people just not been on or are the eds on there crimbo holidays lmao! {Ed001's Note - it's just been quiet.}

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Well i am getting p_____ed over the holidays,we all need to charge our batteries for 2012.
frankyscouse, hiccup

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