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27 Dec 2012 18:52:42
Just found this story and it's interesting to see that the government have actually planned for these events. After the talk on here of scientists messing with Human genetics just makes you think that the potential for something like this is there but it just needs to be implemented.


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Zombies is a clever metaphor, as i understand it's basiacly a plan for civil uprising

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As soon as I noticed Daily Mail in your the URL you gave I ignored.


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They aren't zombies... they are infected..

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'Zombie' is a term for us, the great unwashed, the masses, the dead - like a poster above says, a metaphor for us. pea

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Yeah its for population control in the event of civilian riots. The riots a couple of years scared the crap out of them as they thought x factor and big brother had dumbed us down enough. They call it "in case of a zombie attack" to try and sound cool and think we're all to thick to spot the truth. That said god knows what they've cooked up that could get loose, maybe some sort of dodgy virus like in 28 days later or resident evil.

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27 Dec 2012 13:04:20
WW 3 is seriously on the cards

India and Pakistan

America and just about everyone else but top of the list Syria & Iran

China and Taiwan & Tibet

Israel & everyone, they have even declared if they are going down they will take Europe with them

Not interesting for anyone?

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Don't think we will see another World War only local conflicts as you have listed,


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The dollar is worthless and for America to survive in its current format it must push Russia and China out of its way, countries that provide a counterbalance to the zionists that run america are loathed on capitol hill.

You understand that Libya was overthown so that the Col. could not set up oil producing countries in his region to accept payment for oil in gold as this would weaken america considerably.

WW3 is very likely and Syria or iraq could very well be the powder keg that sets it off.

America is not content with their defence shield in Europe now they want to put up their shield in other places such as south Korea, turkey and possibly even Georgia, do you think other world super powers would be happy with that, having america as effectively the only country with a nuclear detterent?

We are walking right into WW3 and although this site is for entertainment it should also educate people on whats happening.

Thew monsters in the cupboard is entertaining but there are real bogeymen. {Ed001's Note - actually the USA needs Russia and China to give people a reason to spend billions on weapons and weapons development.}

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28 Dec 2012 11:43:21
i agree with Jonty. It'll all to local wars. The places you named are all regional flash points. They could kick off into something bigger maybe. But i don't think there's any appetite for that kind of war amongst the general population. Its not like it would be compared to 1914. Or even 1939. Vietnam, the gulf and afghan have sapped peoples support for armed intervention.

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Ed001's Note - actually the USA needs Russia and China to give people a reason to spend billions on weapons and weapons development.

So silly without Russia and china standing in the way of american Imperialism we would all be colonies {Ed001's Note - what a ridiculous comment. You really have no idea what you are talking about. The USA rules us by default anyway, we are little more than American colonies. Almost everything we have has been copied off the Americans. Our whole school system has gone from being the envy of the world to a copy of the failing US system. There are numerous examples you could find, if you bothered to open your eyes, of us copying everything that is bad from the US, including our foreign policy. Having Russia and China there to be the bad guys keeps the sheep from noticing the real problems.}

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And of course Russia and China have never done anything bad or killed countless millions either....

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28 Dec 2012 18:37:49
American culture has spread massively and is one of the worst things about their influence of the last half century. And they are having their issues. But compare them to the russians and chinese and who's worse? China has never been a democracy. And russia had how long as a democracy cos ever since putin its sliding back to dictatorship, just look at recent years. The murder of anyone who speaks out, the restriction of free speech, that girl band that when on trial, invading georgia, the stuff with ukraine. Hardly innocent paragons of virtue. Yes the yanks have issues have have been sliding themselves but compared to china or the soviet union?

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Actually the us dollar is the only reputable currency left more and more stock market investors are moving to the dollar as the euro is dead and sterling has been going down the pan since we started selling our gold. whether the us russia or china top the list of biggest c**ts one thing is undeniable america has locked up more of its population that any other country so much for land of the free :P

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31 Dec 2012 16:58:47
does that count the millions in the gulags? God only knows what happens behind the bamboo curtain.

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27 Dec 2012 10:07:15
{Ed033's Note - Someone before was asking about the Prometheus film. I have now watched the film and the black oil organic, life altering substance in the film was allegedly found on Earth and was possibly the main reason for the Falklands war. Below is an interview with David Griffin about this

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23 mins in and they have not actually mentioned a single thing other than the xfiles movie?

If you want to make a film/documentary that explains something, get to the bloody point, this is poorly done. I have no idea what they are trying to tell us, or what this is about. If ED033 hadn't posted the vid it would be completely unwatchable. No one would watch this far in.

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Everytime they started to talk about anything of interest the person with big grey hair starts interupting, SHUT UP and let the bloke talk!

{Ed033's Note - This story is worth knowing about. If you can get to the end of this it's extremely interesting. David Griffin has done other presentations of this research but mostly radio, which people can search for. I'm just bringing this info to people's attention.

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The guy with the "big grey hair" looks familiar..

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Watched with interest however he did say something stupid by saying Polar Bears in the Antartic, Edd can you post the the links to parts 3 and 4.

Jonty {Ed033's Note - Ok I'll post it later

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28 Dec 2012 11:54:42
Made it to the end, 33. Watched Prometheus aswell. Interestingly the news this morning has a story of Ronnie Raygun trying to intervene in the Falklands dispute.
One bit i missed in the interview was the man Griffin saying the name of the chemical compound for this 'oil' (did he mention it had AU in it, like gold?), did you catch that or was i hearing things? thanks, pea.

{Ed033's Note - Around 1:11:45 David Griffin mentions AUGIE which is linked with gold.

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Just watched the Falklands discussion , at the time of the Falklands war thatcher was flagging in the polls and was going to lose the election until the war, i would have stuck with that belief until the events with the prince and a navel fleet posturing recently , something deffo going on down by ant arctic .was wondering if the people of the Falkland islands are aware of the goings on?and since i have a British passport could i emigrate to the Falklands?

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31 Dec 2012 11:06:54
Thank you 33, that is most definately worth noting. Will keep you posted. pea

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