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27 Feb 2012 20:08:25
What do u know on megrahi's involvement in the lockerbie bombing ? Or the case in general ?

{Ed033's Note - What happened was this: The Americans shot down an Iranian plane that had Iranian people on board and didn't even apologise after they had shot it down allegedly by accident.

At the time, the Ayatollah Khomeini was so enraged that the Americans didn't even apologise that he put out a Fatwah that said the Iranians had to blow up 10 American planes. Soon after this, the Ayatollah Khomeini died leaving the Fatwah that still had to be obeyed.

The new Iranian regime decided that blowing up 10 American planes was impossible and that if they could blow up just 1 plane, then that would be enough to satisfy the Fatwah.

The CIA knew about this and decided that it was possible to do a deal with the Iranians where by an American plane could be blown up. The plane that the CIA chose had on board a group of American intelligence agents that were coming back to America to tell the truth on certain issues. The bomb was set to go off at 30,000 feet because the flight plan meant that the plane should be over the sea at 30,000 feet so this would leave no problems do deal with but the plane was still over land at this height and the plane came down over Lockerbie.

Then the Americans came over quickly to Lockerbie and tampered with the crime scene to remove the evidence they didn't want to fall into the scottish police's hands. Obviously this went against protocol but this is what happened.

They decided to blame Libya for the Lockerbie bombings and had a trial where only 1 person was found guilty i.e megrahi but he may not have had anything to do with it but they needed to find someone guilty for the crime.

Obviously what I put was just a brief overview and a lot of what I just said is in the book, Trail of the Octopus by Lester K Coleman.

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Thank you for that, but why did gaddafi eventually admit it then?

{Ed033's Note - Because at the time the western powers had persuaded him to go under their thumb otherwise they would attack Libya and remove him from power. Gaddafi decided to do as they said and admit it was Libya even though it wasn't.

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27 Feb 2012 10:32:09
Has anyone seen the ufo over the dome of jerusalem? My piont is why has this never been seen on the news, main stream medeia im sure at least one of them must have heard of it. Especialy in Isreal.

Milky bar kid

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Im not sure if its the same video as im thinking of but did that not turn out to be a hoax mate?

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The only video of that which was ever really shown on any mainstream media was clearly a fake and shown for that reason! there were four videos taken in total which were not clear fakes, may have been but not as obvious as the one which was shown on tv!

i remember watching a clip on youtube where they analysed the footage and there was things in it which convinced the people analysing it that it wasnt a fake like the reflections from the flash of light before it took off being visible on the dome and surrounding buildings, stuff like that!

its an interesting one purely for the fact that any videos shown of it were of the clear faked video and not the other four videos!


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