Conspiracy Talk Archive February 27 2013


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27 Feb 2013 21:33:31
What does anyone/Ed's make of this?
apparently this stuff referred to as "star jelly" or "astral jelly" can be found on earth after meteor showers. Scientists cannot confirm wether it is made up of plant, animal or neither DNA makeup.

Don't know if its been covered recently but seems intriguing.


Sorry cocked up the copy and paste of the link somehow but if you search "star jelly" or "Russian meteor shower astral jelly" it brings up related stories.


Its frogspawn been proven.

Used to live in Scotland on a farm. There used to be a jelly like "fungus" growing on the fields. Never seen it before or after anywhere else. At 9 years old it was quite freaky lol. CheltBlue

That's one of the stories from Creepshow your remembering.