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27 Jan 2012 21:14:38
does anyone have any good videos on the planet x (niberu)?, and what are peoples thoughts on it ?

also ed, obviously it's impossible for you to know, but when is niberu next likely to pass through our solar system, i read that scientists (who believe in this planet) think it could be soon due to the poles shifting)

{Ed033's Note - According to Zechari Sitchin's original book, the twelfth planet, Nibiru was last here around 200 B.C. and as he said that the orbit was 3,600 years, that means according to his original book, nibiru should pass here again in the year 3400 A.D.

It appears that when people started to talk about 2012 a few years ago, someone put 2 and 2 together and started saying nibiru was going to come in, in 2012 and others got on the bandwagon and started promoting this idea. Zecharia Sitchin was asked about this and said this was impossible to be the nibiru he was talking about.

This nibiru story of a planet coming into the solar system changed to being a brown dwarf that you can't see or detect coming into the solar system in 2012 then, a brown dwarf that may have planets and moons coming with it.

Along with this nibiru story has been a planet X theory since the 1800's that there should be another planetary body in or around this solar system because the mathematics of the solar system of main stream science don't work out right without another planetary body. This planet x it has been thought could possibly be a brown dwarf and this planet X and nibiru story have now been morphed together.

Now planet X/nibiru have been theorised to be what is causing the recent changes in the solar system.

So in theory nibiru shouldn't arrive if it exists for a long time to come and planet X if it exists has been searched for since the 1800's but can't be found or they are keeping quiet about it including all of the hobby astronomers keeping quiet about it. Seems unlikely that the hobby astronomers would keep quiet about it.

I am aware of Andy Lloyd's book,, Dark Star but it is still a theory. I would suggest that neither nibiru nor planet X if they exist are going to come anywhere near the earth in 2012 or even anytime soon after 2012

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The most powerful telescopes can see objects thousands of light years away. How come they have not spotted So called Planet x {Ed001's Note - some things can't be seen except by the effect they have on other objects in the vicinity.}

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27 Jan 2012 16:01:33
Havent posted in a while.

Why do you think most of the English people don't want Scotland to be an independant country.

Personally i think they should do what Ireland did many years ago.

A Proud

Irish Red

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I wonder if we could cut scotland away from us so it floats away?

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Personally i'm in favour of scottish independence.

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Thats a particularly immature post with regards to scotland floating away.i hope we dont go independant just to annoy you pal.xx

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I like the scot's,english and the blancmonge.

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I would think it's because they would never be truly independant and would use it to suit their own needs by having their own rules but still using english tax money.

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Hey we are a united kingdom and united we are,BRITISH....

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Not exactly the scottish are scots the irish are irish the welsh are welsh, first and British after. the english are not allowed to be english or proud of being english or they are deemed as racist, so we are enforced to be british

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Yeah look what a great shape Ireland are in now. An example for anyone even considering independance. They are on their knees and will have to go cap in hand to europe in the near future. Scots, Welsh English

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The irish are irish and thats it mate.not british second.its attitudes like that which caused so much trouble down the years

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27 Jan 2012 01:24:34
hi peeps i have this numb feeling that 2012 is going too be a bad one for human kind.i reckon there will definetly be a(sorry) nuclear dirty device dropped in our will test the human resolve that we strive to too make good.i hope im wrong big time... red blancmonge..

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Well arent you an optomistic life of the party kind of guy...Jesus christ think i will do myself in now


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Hey..hope im totaly wrong but me thinks something(it's in my water)is on the horizon...

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Sorry red blancmonge.

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Mj optimism doesn't come into it.i feel i'm right this world isn't as well as we are told it is.bigger picture... red blancmonge

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Don t worry bout it.

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