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27 Jul 2013 19:19:45
Anyone else hear about the expert hacker who was due to give a speech on how you could hack someones pacemaker and make them have a heart attack, apparently he died suddenly. A bit coincidental don't you think?

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Haven't heard anything of it.

Do you have any further information / links etc?

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I only seen it on the BBC text apparently he was to give a speech in the US at a hackers convention (which told the FBI it should not come to it this year) about a problem with pacemakers that could be hacked and force the person to have a heart attack from 8 metres away but before he could give his speech he died "suddenly" that's all I know, I'll have to look more up.

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27 Jul 2013 18:49:00
Went to Alton towers yesterday and went on that new ride called "the smiler", it has this brainwashing angle for its gimmick, it got me thinking about how much brainwashing actually exists in the real world?

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Disney have been doing it for years. Full of Illuminati images.

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Ever glanced at a newspaper/piece of text and suddenly a word you haven't read just pops into your mind? Then if you read the page you will find that word, even though you hadnt read it when it came into your mind. I think this is the same way subliminal messages work they play on your subconscious, and you may not notice it. Jdog

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By 'Disney' I assume you mean 'Sydney', the troll who lives on the United page and ventures onto other sites from time to time?


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