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27 Jun 2012 20:39:43
Ed1 i know your a committed atheist but what do you think happens after death? do you believe in a soul?

Also what is your view on Ascension? Whereby instead of a physical entity people are just beings of pure enrgy, just consciousness or something of that ilk?

Its a fairly standard concept in sci fi shows, i've seen it in Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5 and Stargate.

There is the idea that these sort of shows exist to help us get used to the idea of aliens, space travel, time travel, super advanced technology and all that jazz, but has anyone else ever noticed any of the sociological or religious themes that tend to crop up in these shows a lot? Is it to also maybe prepare us for the possibilty of potential future evolution?

A lot of sci fi writers tend to be agnostic or atheist and i think its just a bit much to keep cropping up all the time in shows.

Hope that makes sense? {Ed001's Note - I do believe there is something else, after all, it has been found that bodies immediately lose weight after death, for no apparent reason. I am not sure what happens, I have read hundreds of theories, but I am undecided as to my thinking regarding it. I don't believe that sci fi writers are doing any more than the usual human wish of there being something more to life. They are just trying to provide meaning to life, beyond the animal need to procreate and survive. I am not convinced they are doing any more other than revealing that basic desire to feel like there is more to our lives than that.}

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I prob have gave this opinion on this subject many times, i do think our soul or spirit goes to another dimension (not heaven)

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Well it would make sense that the soul leaves to be recycled in some way. but then our universe is expanding this means that more molecules so where do they come from. something has to either produce matter or matter comes from somewhere else.

Kopping a feel

{Ed033's Note - allegedly, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but changes from one form of energy to another

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Could the reason we lose weight be because we s**t and piss our selves as soon as we die? {Ed001's Note - not according to what I have read, there is meant to be an extra bit of unexplained weight that goes too.}

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Could be the human spirit itself.


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Im sorry but the second last comment made me piss myself laughing h... But i think i seen that on south park before.

Irish Red

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E=mc^2 energy has mass, we lose the electrical current in our body, air leaves our lungs, our body cools down heat is energy, water leaving through our pours. I think god is bull but that are sould ways 21grams is just as bs {Ed001's Note - except none of that explains the 21 grams. That is just complete nonsense that you have typed.}

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27 Jun 2012 18:56:12
Just watched 911 in plane sight very well docked but y r news channels and more people taking this on board I'm just not understanding it all. Some1please help!!!

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Please restate exactly what you mean

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Was 911 an act of terrorists or did the American government have some involvement????? {Ed001's Note - if, as seems likely, the US Govt did have some involvement, that would not stop it being an act of terrorists. All it would do is make the US Govt terrorists too.}

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27 Jun 2012 17:32:54
I have a theory about time.It is a man made illusion.Just think for a moment that the world had no human beings on it,just animals.Would time still exist?Animals and plants would age but they don't live to a clock like humans do.People think'im running late,I have to be somewhere by a certain time.Animals don't have no concept of time.Think about time zones across the world.If you cross an imaginary line the time automatically changes.Who decided this?Human beings are the only creatures that live to an imaginary time that is nonsense if you think about it.The world would still carry on and things would age if humans weren't about but the animals have no concept of it.They are still valid and exist without loving to a clock

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I think there is 2 concepts of time, human time, which is how long it takes for the earth to move around the sun and how long it takes for the earth to rotate on it's axis..
the other type is how old the universe is, this is calculated by how quickly/slowly the universe is expanding.

but yeah time is something human (or aliens) came up with so they could remember when to plant the seeds for their crops and such..


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Why would aliens be plantin' seeds?

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Well i understand what you are both saying but time is a necessity in a modern age and even before i.e sun dials, moon dials etc. I understand the concept of time being necessary for crop cycles but also being able to know the time the sun sets. So yes it has to be man made or higher being, but i fail to see how this theory lends itself to being a conspiracy, just doesn't make sense

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Animals do work to a certain sense of time though, for example nocturnal animals only coming out when it gets dark, or animals going and hibernating in winter, coming back out in spring. its very basic, but it is based around a concept of time, they just don't measure it. time is a relative concept anyway, we just seem obsessed by it. {Ed001's Note - that is nothing to do with time, you don't seem to have understood the concept at all. That is in relation to where the sun is, nothing to do with time at all.}

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Its how we measure time though ed, where the sun is, no difference at all to any other animal. {Ed001's Note - no, that is not time, you are not getting the actual concept of it. That is how we split it into units, but it is not really even close to what an animal is doing. We set dates etc, that are actually irrelevant to anything but us, which we use to set seasons etc and we live our lives by them, by our concept of time. If the sun set at a different time each day, we would still be following the same clock, whereas an animal would just follow the daylight.}

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Albert Einstein suggested we live in motion and not time..

to be honest i'm stumped on this lol..

i think time is just something we perceive and different people have different ways of perceiving it.


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As complex as time is , it as quite impossible to explain it , i believe it is not a man made conception more a 4th dimension if you would , for example you can you use the first 3 dimension (length , width , breadth) to explain where an object is located but you also need time to know when it was located there , time is also an essential building block because without it everything would happen at once and we would live in disorder

Mr Deeds

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Time is just a by product of reality.

Humans perceive time as in a clock which displays time so they can plan their lives around it.

Creatures use seasonal indicators so they can plan their lives around it.

Its just time no hidden agendas if you didnt have a clock you would use the sun and the moon.

Kopping a feel

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