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27 Jun 2013 17:38:20
{Ed033's Note - A Breakdown of an example of the mainstream media's use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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Ive always known of this type of mind control. i'd be intrigued 2 see a presedential speech.

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Watched the wogan and icke interview just then, it shows you how wogan's techniques are old fashioned and he let icke mention 9/11 and Illuminati without getting interrupted, mention 9/11 now and give it 5 seconds then they butt in.

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27 Jun 2013 15:47:47
Turkey UFO Video Analysis showing grey ETs? inside the craft

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I think its a fake.

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27 Jun 2013 00:21:57
What is everyones' take on Curiosity?! Is it really on Mars or are we being shown pictures of something closer to home such as a set in the desert? Came across some interesting pictures which Curiosity has taken and some of them are hard to dismiss such as the silver disc like a cd which was photographed lately. I have attached a link to this article. would be interesting to hear what you all think.

{Ed033's Note - Mars was inhabited by intelligent beings in the past and possibly still is. Some of our dna probably come from people who used to be there. The surface of Mars appears to be littered with non-natural / intelligent made objects or parts of objects.

A catastrophe in the past on mars caused loads of debris from a civilisation on mars to be broken and scattered across parts of mars.

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Cheers for the reply Ed. It seems like NASA aren't too bothered to try censor some of the photos and are putting them out there in the public. Could this all be their plan to disclose some information on ET's. What I mean is do you think they will release photos from this mission as they are doing and act all surprised by the evidence and in doing so they can say this is their first encounter or the first signs of alien life whilst still keeping the many years of contact they have had a secret?

{Ed033's Note - There have been many anomalies in many NASA photos and to date neither the mainstream media nor governments have said anything about the anomalies in the photos, so I would expect that to continue. Unless they're forced to, I can't see the US Government officially disclosing anything ET anytime soon

ET Disclosure would be a very complicated procedure but if you're going to do it then the easiest way might be over a period of time to, firstly release that there is liquid water somewhere on Mars (which they have done) and then to say they found a microbe (which they did a number of years ago but then changed their minds and said it wasn't a life form) then you might leave it for a while before releasing you've found another different very primitive life form and you'd continue "finding" more and more complicated life forms over a period of time.

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I believe the same as what Ed said, regarding the CD. I guess that could of falling off Curiosity but it’s the finger in the other photos that I find interesting. Good post mate

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