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27 Mar 2012 16:26:44
I know I'm posting alot lately but any one heard of the fallen angels? This ones new to me but quite a fair bit of evidence to back it up!


Never heard of it RR?! What is it?


Post a link please

Not 100% sure JWalk but what I can gather angel means messenger! The fallen angel is supposed to be the devil or something evil! Angels or watchers were sent to protect us from the fallen angels but instead had sexual relationships with humans! Thus going against what they were sent here to do which is protect us! This is all from the book of Enoch! The way described was the devil one alien race and the angels sent to protect us were another alien race! It also states that the offspring from a human and an angel were giants! The bible talks about giants roaming the land! Ed how do I post video links from you tube? Thanks in advance!

RR! {Ed007's Note - If you just copy and paste the link onto your post it will come through to us RR mate. We will embed it from our end. Remove the http// part of the address (start with the www part) or our spam filters could filter it out.}

Is it not the, whats described in the bible as the nephlin (spelling), Zacheria Sichin says its the Annunaki.

These are actual pieces taken from the book of Enoch in this video! To many coincidences in the progression of man

Thanks for the help Ed007 much appreciated!

RR! {Ed007's Note - No worries mate. At least for once I got to help lol. I love reading and watching all this stuff, but I would make an ar5e of myself if I tried to answer you guys!!!

Cheers RR i understand in parts, ive read upon the Annunaki (giants) and have heard about the devil or something similar being described as a fallen angel, will look further into, cheers bud keep them coming, i love a bit of ammo to read mate.


From what I understand, the fallen angels are the Anunnaki, religion just tarted them up to be angels to suit their own religious beliefs. To me, the Anunnaki theory is the most plausible benevolent being story that makes sense. I must say I'm not entirely sure I believe the Anunnaki theory to be 100% true, merely that it makes more sense than all the religion bulls**t!



No worries JWalk! You have to admit though it makes more sense that we were taught things rather than learning! Especially when it comes to the Egyptians and the Mayans! For them to create an astrological callender before telescopes exsisted would have been extremley difficult unless they had a helping hand! And i to believe it was the Anunnaki every thing always points to them!!


The Nephilim are/were supposed to be the offspring of fallen angels and women. I only came across this when I started listening and researching into Fields Of The Nephilim/The Nefilim and Carl McCoy's inspirations etc. Zoon is pretty much a concept album detailling the various stories and imagery associated with them.

I saw a video a while back of people discovering giant human bones in Egypt. If that;s what you're on about. Freaky, freaky s**t.