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27 Mar 2013 22:25:37
Obama's Reptilian secret service guard spotted

{Ed033's Note -

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Seen pictures last week edd about the bodyguard I think if these things exist then its to public I think its a hoax myself.

{Ed033's Note - Definitely too public so surely can't be anything but a hoax

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28 Mar 2013 13:39:24
homo reptilia do exist

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Very strange, looks like voldemort.

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27 Mar 2013 15:47:12
Freeman Perspective - Obama's Space War

i thought it was a really interesting watch, I know some will attempt to discredit him but try and have your own opinion.

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I just watched the clip it is a bit to new agey for me with symbols that could be a coincidence but I also admit that I could be not intelligent enough to see the connections.

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For me its not about weather the videos are right or wrong its about making people think, like you say you've watched the video and even though you might not totally buy into it you gave it a go.

Its frightening how closed of peoples minds are. Its no wonder the powers that be have so much control when they've turned the populous into sheep.

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{Ed033's Note - You ideally need to watch all 7 parts before making your mind up on this.

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To be honest Ed the last couple of video's lost me, the whole idea of ancient mummies being cloned and ruling us was a bit out there for me. That's not to say the whole video was wrong.

The way I like to think of it is no matter what you believe weather its reptile people (again a bit too much for me) or superior technology being used in 9/11 we have to accept that the real people in charge are doing terrible things for something they believe in, and people need to wake up to prevent it. What amazes me is these things are being done right in the public eye and most people don't even see it. How many are locked up in Guantanamo Bay illegally, not just there even here in England people are serving time without committing a crime, countries being invaded then the media making the US and British look like liberators.

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{Ed033's Note - If some issues are too over the top for people, then a good site to go to for video news presentations most days is:

Here people can watch down to earth reality news about what is going on in UK

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I only watched the 1st part edd nevr knew there was 6 more parts, I will give it a look this weekend,.

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27 Mar 2013 13:33:31
{Ed033's Note - What The FUQ? - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government" Documentary

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Edd watching that nothing really surprises me so I done a quick search of a unfair and illegal tax we are paying in the uk, I looked for who owns the water companies and it is bloody hard to get a name (i admit it could be me not being savvy enough to find it) then I find a article in the mail online from last year and the Chinese government has bought 10 per cent of the water company in our country, now a rich country like china have the finance to buy nearly anything but to allow private corporations to sell something that effects us all is corrupt with a capital c, since thatcher sold the UK"s electricity, gas, water, trains and pitts relativity cheap to corporations she sold her soul for money and screwed everyone in the process in the UK and the commonwealth.

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27 Mar 2013 10:07:06
Just finished reading a great book called "The falsification of History" by John Hamer. Really intriguing stuff on a variety of subjects from the NWO to Agenda 21. Really got me thinking. Anyone else read it or have any views on the book or it's author?

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