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27 Nov 2011 12:41:04
What's the conspiracy talk's view on a wrestling talk subject:

we've come up with a couple opinions, please share if you have any

Steve EFC

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With all due respect mate, I don't think anyone cares - that's why you've got your own wrestling page.

On here, people discuss global economy etc, not greased up actors performing to a script. There is nothing conspiracy-related about it, everything is planned and scripted.

I did check it out though, being someone who was a fan of wrestling as a kid - I did enjoy reading the theories on there and it wiled away a couple of hours of my time.

But yeah, it is what it is - would you post something on here about the plotlines in Eastenders? Didn't think so.


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Does anyone else think the plot lines on eastenders have a NWO agenda ? jr

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Yeah if it means Nagging Women Only...

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Is there a plot line to Eastenders?


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27 Nov 2011 09:18:46
Wonder if anyone on here can shed some more light on something i watched last night. Channel 203 on sky had a program detailing how cancer cells can be destroyed using cannaboids found in cannabis. The program said the us government has known about this since 1974. From a government stand point seems like they havent 'enlightened' anyone about this because of massive over population in my opinion.

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True, but then think of the money they would make from legalisation.

Prescription charges.

I'm sure they are more.

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Maybe because you can not pannet it , the drug companys dont like natural medience , and they dont really care about a cure for illness , most drugs and pills people take dont cure anything they just treat the side affects of a illness...........lfc

{Ed033's Note - There is a good documentary on this subject - Run From The Cure, The RicK Simpson Story - 1 hour documentary showing that using a specific type of hemp oil can be used for medicinal purposes -

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I watched a video recently on you tube called Run for the Cure.
Its about this subject and the man says he has cured everything people have asked him to by taking an extract from cannibas .
He also alleges that the US government have tried to shut down his operation.

Lurgan Red

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A scientist/Botanist cant remember her name discovered that if you get certain plants and boil them the juice from the plants can cure diabetes, cancer, asthma etc and had 100% results proving it was basically a miracle cure, she took her findings to the medical board and they took her doctorate from her put the plants she used on the endangered list burnt her offices and banned her from botany...Cancer drugs are the 2nd biggest money spinner to class A drugs...Just shows you that money is more important than the average mans health to some people anyway


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Surely she could have kicked up some sort of stink, thats a disgrace.

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Curing disease is bad for business. The current treatment are geared toward maintence rather than eradication. This keeps the patient, and their wallet, dependant upon the hospitals and perpetuates continued service. It would be like having to go to the same store over and over for water to prevent thirst. It's really a brilliant business model.

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27 Nov 2011 01:39:03
Are Disney a bad company to be apart of them ?

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What do you think?

what are the messages hidden or plain view in disney films?

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{Ed033's Note - Disney's Occultic Secrets - with Freeman TV part 1 of 3 -

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Think about it man, Beaty and the Beast? That stuff only happens in Tijuana donkey bars and they're showing it to chaps

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