Conspiracy Talk Archive April 28 2012


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28 Apr 2012 00:37:16
Ed is it possible to drink water without fluoride?

Dumb question probably but my knowledge of chemical consumption very very weak!

Adam {Ed001's Note - yes, not all tap water contains flouride. It is only added to certain areas. I wonder if the human body would just evolve to cope with it over time?}

If people are that worried about flouride in water couldnt they just drink bottled water? or does that contain it to? (as you can probly tell not very clued up on this subject either lol)...redman matt

{Ed033's Note - Why should you buy expensive bottled water when the whole point is that fluoride is a toxic substance, so why would anyone want it added to their water in the first place. The way it should work is no adding of fluoride in the water but if you want added fluoride in your water then you can add it yourself. Fluoride gets into you when you shower or bath so are you going to bath or shower with bottled water. The problem with buying bottled water in plastic bottles is that harmful substances in the plastic leech into the water.

I'm almost 100% sure that some bottled water contains fluoride, I'm sure it's a big company like danone as well. Worth checking out, sure it was mentioned in Esoteric Agenda.



The Scottish water board website says they don't add flouride but it occurs naturally in the water supply in some areas...bunch of liars I think....

{Ed033's Note - Some fluoride does occur naturally in the water supply and some areas don't add extra fluoride.

Floride and cloride are added to bottled water fact its all part of the plan to dumb the masses down and to unbalance the metobolic rate to your system. its even in the tap supply. another poison they feed us is aspartame in out diet fizzy drinks, this causes cancers more so brain cancer as it cuts the ceratonine to the brain. in aspartame thers methanol which is also a toxin, if u dont believe this do yur research!!

So your saying we can get p155ed drinking fizzy pop there goes all the drink driving policies and also why pop is as expensive as ale in the pubs then

Load of rubbish. People drink, smoke and eat s**t but now they're concerned with fluoride in the water? I've been drinking it for years and there's nothing wrong with my brain.

Get a grip

merka {Ed001's Note - wow, great logic there. Are you sure there is nothing wrong with it? Only that is an imbecilic attempt at dismissal of the issue. Do you actually understand what is going on here? Perhaps you are happy to be poisoned by food additives etc, but some of us have the intelligence to want our food to not be full of chemicals.}

Thanks for all the replies.

I've found out that there are water filters you can use to remove the flouride. They are like 200 though!

I'll have to get saving....